Choice of anniversary script

The number of my scripts will soon reach 100, now, taking into account those not yet released in the marathon, there are 97 of them.

And the hundredth I would like to do different from my standard work.

Now I have two options, vr video or new compilation.

Would like to hear your ideas for this. I’ll choose what I like, add to my options, and do a poll after.


I would like to first congratulate you on your upcoming milestone and say thank you for all of your contributions.

Your Luxury Girl compilation went above and beyond my expectations. It is very professional and one of my all-time favorite scripts so I would be very happy to see another compilation from you.


You’re exceptionally good at scripting blowjobs which I know from my own attempts can be incredibly difficult to script. I personally would like to see a nice long blowjob/cumshot compilation from you.

Maybe an action based Cock Hero? Use the slowest most gentle sections for the first round and then gradually add in faster more intense sections. I like the style of breaks that you used in your Luxury Girl Compilation.

Are you interested in models that already have scripts or are you looking for completely new models?

Are there any particular themes you’re interested in?

I have several options for compiling

  1. compilation with some one girl in my taste and with a lot of videos.
  2. blowjob battle between 2-3 girls, 10-20 sections for each of them, 30 seconds long
  3. also blowjob compilation but with more girls.

It doesn’t matter if scripts have already been written for them or not. And of course it should all be based on action.


I like all three options very much. Are you looking for recommendations for girls?

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I have a couple of compilation ideas that may interest you.

The first one is for an action scripted cock hero with each round focused on a specific BJ focused studio. It might look something like below with each round becoming more intense as the game continues:

Cock Hero - Blowjobs
Round 1 - K Klixen
Round 2 - MHBHJ
Round 3 - Amateur Allure
Round 4 - Swallow Salon
Round 5 - The Dicksuckers
Round 6 - 1000 Facials
Round 7 - Cumshots from all the previous rounds

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The second idea is for a blowjob relay compilation because I love the idea of my dick getting handed over from one girl to another. This one is a little more complicated for me to explain. The idea here is to connect threesome blowjob scenes from one performer to the next. It would begin with a scene by a single performer, followed by a scene with that performer plus a new girl, then a scene with just the new girl, followed by a scene with the new girl and a new+ girl. Below would be the format:

Blowjob Relay
First BJ - girl A
Second BJ - girl A + B
Third BJ - girl B
Fourth BJ - girl B + C
Fifth BJ - girl C
Sixth BJ - girl C + D

An example:
First BJ - Reily Reid
Second BJ - Reily Reid + Melissa Moore
Third BJ - Melissa Moore
Fourth BJ - Melissa Moore + Jillian Janson
Fifth BJ - Jillian Janson
Sixth BJ - Jillians Janson + …

If you only want to script the double blowjobs, then you can skip the single blowjobs in between. If you don’t want to script double blowjobs at all then you can forget this idea, keep in mind for another project, or maybe someone else would be interested in it. I’m a big fan of your work so if you’d like help sourcing videos or anything, I’m happy to do so.

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quite an interesting idea, although difficult to implement, I’ll think about it

I thought about your option with a blowjob relay once again, and decided that it should come out very cool, besides, I’ve never seen anything like it. So there will be no vote, the hundredth script will be this compilation
I will create a separate topic for this, and I will need many options for double blowjobs, and maybe triple

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I understand that you have already decided on the format of your anniversary script, but here is something that might be of interest of you or any other scripter out there.

A ten part MHBHJ video compilation found on Milonvana [MULTI RELEASE] Total MHBHJ : The Compendium. A 10 hour compilation, each episode is approximately an hour long.

Keep up the good work!


For now, I plan to make scripts only for my own compilations, but these also look great, and might be of interest to someone. Try posting it in the request category

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@socks That is incredible, and I really hope someone decides to take up that project!

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@qweer If you decide to make another long single girl compilation like the Luxury Girl Compilation, I would like to put in a future request for a Fiamurr blowjob compilation. I love all of her videos, and the script of her that you recently posted was really good. It would also be especially nice to see a compilation of her since ger videos seem to be increasingly harder to find.

This is quite possible, when I was thinking about compilations for a single girl, I considered this option

Just in case, I even have this:

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That would be heavenly! :heart_eyes:

And, HOLY COW! :exploding_head:, I am truly jealous of your gold mine of Fiamurr vids! :heart_eyes: