Choose the next Angel video you want to see a script of #2

Hello everybody!

Time for the next poll. You can choose up to 3 videos again.

Winner from the last poll is with 30%:

Slut gets fucked and gets orgasm - Cum on Face

Thanks for the votes!

I don’t know, when I will close this one. I will announce it a day before, when I will close it.


If it were up to me, I would choose this:

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Thanks for the suggestions. I will add this video for the next poll.

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Sounds good, thanks :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the votes so far. I will close the vote on 2022-04-27T06:00:00Z and hopefully will be able to release the script on the same day.

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Thank you very much for the votes!

Winner with 29% is The girl wants to cum on her face in the morning

Great video choice as always.

A new poll be up any minute.

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