Choose the next Angel video you want to see a script of

Hello everybody!


Thank you @hugecat for creating this sub category.

So, I want to script a video from Angel, it’s been a while and I thought it’d be cool to have another script from her. I have 13 videos to choose from. I intentionally only chose videos, where she finishes him, because I think that’s what people prefer to have in a script.

If you have any other suggestion, feel free to leave a comment below.

This poll wont have a set closing time. I will let it open all the time and when I see a video has gotten a lot of votes, I will start working on that one and then maybe start on the next one and so on and so on.

You can vote for up to 3 videos.

Thanks for voting!



Thanks for the votes so far. I will keep this poll open for a bit and then just close it manually, once I want to start working on the Angel script. The one with the most votes will then get scripted.

After it’s closed, I will do another one with the other videos. If you want to suggest a video for the list, drop a link and I will add the video for the next poll.

Damn, you really like this girl. :laughing:

I haven’t voted yet only because I haven’t had a chance to go through all of the videos. If she has any more straight blowjob vids that you haven’t scripted yet, any of those will get my vote. I know she almost always combines fucking and bjs though.

That last blowjob vid of her’s you did where she practically goes full speed bobbing on his cock for ten or fifteen minutes straight will always be an all-time favorite.

Yes, her videos are great and the scripts are very well received. Videos have a high quality and offer a lot of variety, when it comes to positions. She also does great, maybe even the best finishes in my opinion.

Take your time. I will announce a day before, when I will close the vote.

I was looking for another straight blowjob video, but unfortunately there isn’t. You probably mean this video, right? She is doing amazing blowjobs, but this is the only full blowjob video from her.

There is one video from her, where is she is doing a blowjob for ~ 12 minutes. After this there is some more blowjob with a missionary position in the end. Only reason I didn’t add this video to the list is because, he finishes himself on her.

It’s this video here: This bitch loves big dicks

I can add it for the next poll, if you like this video.

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Yes! Hall of fame script right there!

That’s too bad. It’s a good video, but I completely understand why you wouldn’t include it then. If I’m just watching porn I don’t mind, but with interactives I hate it when the guy finishes himself… for obvious reasons. I’ve discovered, the best solution to this is to actually break the immersion at that moment or just before. Script really long, pleasurable rhythmic strokes that can in no way be perceived as syncing up with the guy’s hand, and it won’t feel like you’re suddenly getting jacked off by the dude.

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FYI this is why I asked @hugecat to give us a “shefinishesthejob” tag yesterday.

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Same, that’s why I only chose videos, where she finishes.

I think that’s a good idea. This would be a good indicator.

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I will close the poll when we reached 40 voters +
First one gets scripted, rest ones will go to the next poll.

All the videos are great, but the last one stands out “The End of a Wonderful Evening, Anal Fucking and Cum Swallow”.

Starting with enthusiastic deep throat, then smiling and moaning with pleasure as she rides, doing reverse cowgirl anal, pausing to let her man pound her and then riding again. All whilst intermittently saying I love you. It’s rare to find an anal video with this level of intimacy, it’s like the opposite of “painal”. Delightful.

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Okay, we already got the 40 votes done. I expected it to take a bit longer ^^
I will close this one once we get 50 + voters in.

Winner is:
The End of a Wonderful Evening, Anal Fucking and Cum Swallow

Thanks for your votes! Very cool video and it will hopefully make a good script.

Now we go for another vote. One new video got added: this bitch loves big dicks. Mainly because of the first blowjob section, if you want more blowjob action.

You again have three votes.

I didn’t expect this video would be the most voted one. I always think, that anal videos are a bit more niche and are not for everyone’s taste. But it seems like Angel’s anal videos are way better received, than other anal videos.
Also this video has so much variety in it and a typical awesome finish from Angel. Looking forward to script it and release it.

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Anything with Bunnylia from Chatturbate. That girl is SMOKING hot.

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For this thread, only video from Angel, please.
Regarding your request: She seems to be a pure solo model and I am not scripting solo content.

I will close this poll on 2022-04-23T07:00:00Z.

Let’s get as many votes in as possible until Saturday.

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