Choose the next DickForLily video you want to see a script of

Hello everybody!

Winner from the model vote is DickForLilly.

I have 6 videos you can choose from. I hope there is something for you, that interests you.

As before, if you have a video suggestions for DickForLily, leave a link in the comments and your video will be in the next vote.

As always, I will announce a day before, when I will close the vote.

You have 2 votes.

Thank you for participating!


Here is another good video of her


Thank you for the suggestion. I will put this one into the next vote.

voted it already…!!

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I second this video as an amazing alternative…

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Thanks for the votes so far!

I will close the vote on 2022-05-03T22:00:00Z.

Closing it a bit earlier, because the result is pretty clear.

Winner with 42% is:

The bitch seduced me to fuck her and cum on her face

Release will be hopefully this weekend.

Thank you for 40 votes!

New vote is up.

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