Choose the next model you want to see scripts of

Hello everybody!

I will release two more scripts for Angel and then I want to mix it up with a different model.

This vote will be up for a while. I will close it, after the release of 2 more Angel scripts.

You have up to 2 votes.

Thanks for participation.


I put in a script request for Shinaryen so I am voting for her again!

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Wow, so many votes already. Thank you for the great participation. It’s very close.

I will close this poll 2022-05-01T06:00:00Z with a direct follow up for the video vote.

a lot, but still not enough. few users enter this category

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Yeah, the more votes the better. But this category is new and before this category existed, the polls got buried in the general section.

This category will automatically attract more users, the more polls will get created. I think these polls are a cool and fun way to include the community in the decision making.

Just voted! any chance for Guesswhox2, TruStori3zEnt, or jayndrea in the future?

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Thanks for the vote :slightly_smiling_face:

I will look at Guesswhox2. They could be fitting.

The other two models are honestly not my type of girl I like and also they don’t really have much videos. I like to choose models, who have a lot of videos to choose from. Gives more variety and more options too choose from.

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I could do a script for jayndrea. PM me the scene you would like to see the most :wink:

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just sent it to you :grin:

The first three just have a few percentage difference. It’s a very close race!

We have around 2 days left.

Also, thanks for so many votes! We reached way over 100 voters.

Thank you for 129 votes!

Winner with 34% is DickForLily.

Video vote for DickForLily is up.

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