Choose the next Eva Elfie you want to see a script of

Hello everybody!

Thanks for all the suggestions. Now it’s time to vote for a video you want me to script.

We have collected 5 suggestions. I added one more video as my suggestions as well. You can vote for two videos. Video with the most votes gets scripted.
I will close the poll manually, whenever I have enough time to script the video.

Thanks to @linuxguy, @Cloudyfire, @Maryjay, @quartz and @doolahrock for your suggestions!

You have up to two votes!

Thank you for your participation :bowing_man:t2:


Thanks for the votes. It’s very close so far, with 3 videos around the same percentage. Vote will still be up for a while.

Teen slut is being fucked and deepthroated with dirty facial

This one is already scripted I believe:

Yes, it’s the same video. In case it wins, I’d script it anyway, because my version would be different.

I am gonna close the poll now.

Winner with 33% is
Amazing titjob by busty with the huge cum load on her tits - Eva Elfie

This video got suggested by @doolahrock. Congrats!

I should be able to finish the script by tomorrow.

Thanks for all the votes and special thanks to everyone, who suggested a video!

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