Choose updated SLR player UI

Please suggest what design would you rather like:

A - all icons in the same raw, separate line for video title thus higher player UI panel
B - icons and title in the same raw with a smaller player UI panel

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I’d go with A. The reality is that nobody is really experiencing the video when the UI is up, so I’d rather get in and out as quickly as possible even if the UI while it’s up isn’t quite as sleek.


Same, A. Do you know what’s up with the new haptic app that replaces slr interactive? I can’t get it to work with Keon Onyx+.

bring back 1 click image pan/zoom reset.

Has SLR added a native VR player + Handy sync to the website? If so, that’s all I needed to hear in order to restart my subscription.

Shouldn’t be like that. Guys are looking into it. Make sure you have the up to date version as we just released an update

Why don’t you use controller for that (hardpress joystick)? Much more convenient

Also going to add “reset” option into icons bar if any custom settings applied

it’s coming soon. we are experiencing a huge staff shortage also because of the russian war Support Ukrainian troops fighting for ours and yours FREEDOM! - SLR community forum for the best VR porn videos