Choosing a girl for a script pack(Second phase)

There are 5 girls left from the first stage, now you can choose only one. The one who will receive the next script pack.
Voting will also last a week.

  • EmiliaBunny
  • Fiamurr
  • DickForLily
  • Luna Roulette
  • Sweet Bunny

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Luna Roulette

Sweet Bunny



All of these girls would be great choices! :heart_eyes: I really love the pics you chose for them. :+1:

I remind you that voting closes tomorrow. EmiliaBunny is currently in the lead.

Voting is over. EmiliaBunny won. In this thread, you can leave links to videos that you would like. Within a couple of weeks I will write a script pack


It’s impossible to make a bad choice with EmiliaBunny.

I noticed that there have not been many suggestions here, and I think it’s because all of her stuff is so good. :heart_eyes: It’s hard to make choices. I made a list of my favorites, but as you can see it is way too long! :laughing:

My very first choice would be this super hot cumshot compilation. Emilia Bunny always has the cutest, sexiest smile when she eats cum and I love that! :heart_eyes: I always enjoy filler during cum swallow/cum play sections, but I think for the most part she works the dick all the way through.

Have you ever checked out Puffy Pink? I’ll just post her PH page because she has too many good videos to link one by one.

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I only know Puffy Pink from the one video that’s been scripted. Even though the ending is wierd, I really like it, and I’ve been hoping to see more of her.

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I think the post was deleted as I can’t find her via search.

That’s because her name is actually Pufffypink (with 3 fs). This is the post.
And it looks like you already have it.

Make sure to suggest an Emilia Bunny video though since that’s what this post is about.

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I have most of her OF vids if anyone is interested. Recommend subscribing though because you get everything for $6. I’d like to do more but I’ve been taking a break recently

4 scripts are already ready, if there is time to write a few more, then I will post them this weekend

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I’m also currently selecting videos for the next script marathon. As a theme, I decided to choose girls for whom there are no scripts yet, or there are but very few.

In order not to create a separate topic, you can leave your suggestions here. It can be both famous porn stars without scripts, and completely unknown models

You can specify a specific video, or just the girl’s name. If I like any of this, I’ll add it to the marathon

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If you really want to write more than four scripts for her, I know that I would be more than happy to wait. Either way I’m looking forward to more Emilia Bunny! :heart_eyes:

This is an excellent theme for a marathon. Some names that come to mind.

Breanne Benson
Purple Bitch
Nina Pink
Alessia Luna (Filthypov scene)

inpossibleoreo (#1 request :grin:)
Teanna Trump (only know of 1 video, exception lol)

Scripts with the winner of the vote are already loaded


Thanks for the Emilia Bunny script pack! :+1:

I have two girls I would like to submit at this time.

The first girl has two different PH profiles. Both seem to be active so I’m not sure why she has two. She goes by Laloka4you and LalokaSwallowX.

She has one vid scripted here.

The other girl I like has a bunch of vids doing cam shows, but has recently set up a PH profile with the name Your_blowjob_queen.

She does some ridiculously long blowjob vids like this one that’s almost an hour and twenty minutes.

A bunch of her cam vids are on SB like this one in which she sucks dick for an hour and ten minutes.

She has one vid scripted here.