Clearing up some terminology

I was kinda being stubborn about asking this under the assumption I’d be able to piece it together from context clues, but no such luck. I’ve started noticing funscripts with alternate versions that I can’t make sense of: pitch, roll, suck, surge, sway, and twist. I think it has something to do with multi-axis devices (tbh I only vaguely get what that means) but that’s all I can gather. Can someone catch me up to speed on what all these terms mean?

Yep certain devies have other axies and functions which use these other scripts to translate that into movements. The osr2+ and sr6 can use these

Suppose that makes sense. But what exactly do they mean? What’s the difference between a regular script and a pitch, roll, suck, surge, sway, twist, etc. script?

The regular script is for up and down motion only. Pitch, roll, etc. all add an additional layer of motion. They are not meant to replace the regular script, but add to it.

I get that. I should have been more clear with my question. I’m asking about what these different types of scripts actually entail. I looked into the osr2 a bit more since making the initial post. From what I’ve seen, I more or less get what roll, suck, sway, and twist mean. Still not sure what pitch and surge means in this context.

I think this should help Help in understanding multi-axis scripts - #2 by sentinel

Ah, that clears things up. Thanks.

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