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How does it work its a FMV ?

FMV ? sorry don’t understand what you mean…

For the game play you copy all video in one folder in your PC
you start with the fist video “0010 Start” and some time you need to make choice and jump to the “next” video
or 2nd, 3th video after

Some video will be combine with funscript file (be patient it come soon)

For me, I use VR headset, DeoVR synchro with Scriptplayer.

Yes it’s basically a FMV game ^^. A FMV is a game with videos and you click on it at some object, caracters to make choice en move to next videos

Good news: You can stop work, its done already… :stuck_out_tongue:

Some of the sex scenes from it also available on SLR, btw…

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Is this interactive with handy ?

I dont think it is its just a vr

no handy support within the original game, no. at least not so far. but one could add handy scripts for the sex scenes that are also available on SLR. Frankly: Who wants to go “combat ready” with handy on his sloppy dick and then play a decision game in VR where you might find a sex scene 5 minutes later ? would not be my kind of enterteinment… But this is everyone’s own decision…

Whats done? I dont see any scripts on that page?

In the original version, there is no script.
That is the reason for this project. Add scripts for Launch
(don’t know if this is the same script for Handy).
The scripts are not yet accessible because not all of them are yet finished.
There is no sense of broadcasting only part of the scripts.
As soon as all the scripts are finished, I will put them online and post a new message.
There are more than 4 hours of script to write. At this time 25% is done.
It’s a big job.

If any of you want to be beta tester, please send me a private message.

it will also possible to play only the sex scene with the corresponding script if you prefer :wink:

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