[Closed] Vote for which VRCosplayX video to script next

I’m going to script another VRCosplayX video and I’m letting you to decide which. You can vote on one or two of the six options. The vote will be a short one since I want to get started on something new (2 days, closes Dec 22, 10pm GMT).

  • Lily Larimar - Star Trek Picard
  • Katy Rose - Bullet Witch
  • Tiffany Tatum - Devil May Cry
  • Anna Bell Peaks - Dino Crisis
  • Lacy Lennon - Horizon Zero Dawn
  • Katrin Tequila - Borderlands: Angel

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Links to videos in the vote

Lily Larimar - Star Trek Picard

Katy Rose - Bullet Witch

Tiffany Tatum - Devil May Cry

Anna Bell Peaks - Dino Crisis

Lacy Lennon - Horizon Zero Dawn

Katrin Tequila - Borderlands: Angel


1 day left before the poll close.

My god, Bullet Witch? The literal worst excuse for a video game I have EVER played in 20 odd years. Surprised it got a notice!

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Shameful bump by saying that it’s about 8 hours left to cast your vote :smile:

You heard the guy, vote while you can!

Yes, Sir! Done!

And we have a winner! Thanks for voting. Scripting has commenced.


Lacy Lennon is just beautifull in her videos in my opion. Too bad that Anna Bell Peaks didn’t win as I like her performance AND I played Dino Crisis (then, in ancient times) and realy loved that game.
Downside is I have to subscribe there now… :blush:

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Based on comments in other script releases it’s obvious that Lacy Lennon is very popular among the members in this forum. Combined with the fact that Dino Crisis is a couple of years old and the video quality isn’t the best, compared to today’s standards, probably affected the outcome a bit. However, I like Anna Bell Peaks as well so who knows, maybe I’ll script Dino Crisis in the future. There was a reason for why I added it to the list after all :slight_smile:

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I Love Lacy, too…and i’m happy to close the gaps in my Cosplay Scripts :wink:

So, therefore i would also love “DinoCrisis” being scripted :stuck_out_tongue:

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Would be a highlight for me if that script makes it onto your list. But I could understand if that would never happen because there a so much great scenes out there. And it shouldn’t be a grumpy duty as it kills all creativity.
But for now I’m more than happpy and grateful about your script for Lacy’s Horizon Zero Dawn. Thanks a lot :grinning:

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It’s in the works :tada:
There is a 10 min hand/blowjob in the beginning. It feels like it’s taking forever to script.
VRCosplayx-Lacy Lennon - Horizon Zero Dawn-progress01

Incredible good news and an exciting outlook maybe for the next year. :blush:

What you are writing confirms my opinion that writing (good) scripts is not only an art, but often hard work. This is something that we “unproductive” users often forget, or rather simply cannot imagine. Details can be annoying, and often they aren’t even the highlights. But when they’re missing, it can ruin the whole experience.

I can say that bouncy mattresses are also a f*ing pain to script. Lacy could have bounced up and down a 50 inch dick in her cowgirl position if it wasn’t for the fact that the guy bounced up and down with her. She barely move up and down half the shaft sometimes and when they get out of sync… :exploding_head:

Trying to get as much scripting done as possible today because time will be limited Fri/Sat :man_factory_worker:

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I especially love (not) when the girl on the top of the bounce, hovering mid air so to speak, and the guy is still penetrating or pulling out since he is still moving…

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That is exactly what I meant. A talented script writer can polish bad actor’s movements so that the result is considered good/great. And most of us won’t even notice how poorly the movements are executed and what the script does to compensate.
Reminds me of actors in action movies who are supposed to act out fights but can’t really do it. In the finished movie it is then also concealed by other means, for example, by fast cuts or a shaky camera work.

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Scripting is done!
VRCosplayx-Lacy Lennon - Horizon Zero Dawn-progress02

QA remains so it should be ready for a Christmas Eve release.


So close, second place. =)