Codec's and Lag

So I reformatted my PC and installed a new SSD. A fresh Windows Install doesn’t have all the codecs, when I installed a pack, I could play 265 files but they had some delay/lag with them. Anyone know why, or does anyone know of a proper codec pack? Besides the one you can buy from MSFT?

Simplest way to get pretty much all the codecs you need is to download and install K-Lite Codec Pack. There are a couple versions, including one which has pretty much everything.

Anything which uses Media Foundation instead of DirectShow, however, won’t be using those codecs. You’d need the $1.99 one from MS for H.265 with MF. Though there’s actually a way around the fee if you use the right link. I don’t recall what it is off hand, but a judicious search might turn something up.

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