Commissioning a script?

I’m curious if this is allowed or if anyone actually does this, but are there scripters who take on custom/requested paid commissions to script a chosen video? If so, where can we find them (here or elsewhere), or likewise, people post an offer and a scripter comes in to accept and work on it?

There’s so much stuff out there I’d want to get scripted that hasn’t been touched, and as long as it’s not too expensive I’d be willing to pay.

And are there any that do supporter type subscriptions where supporters suggest a pick, and the most popular pick or the scripter’s choice gets done next?

Hi. Depending on the video and its lenght, I might be interested.

I have a few scripts already, you can check it out, as well as unreleased stuff and things I’m working on. I mainly do animated femdom stuff, but other categories are fine too, as long as it’s not related to loli/shota/gore things. You can send me a private message so we can discuss this if you’re interested.

See ya !

I know that @shbek takes commission requests on their patreon, and the length of the video you can request is determined by your subscription tier. I think @99DM does a similar thing and has a patreon as well. I’m sure there are many others out there. If you have some favorite scripts that you’ve gotten from Eroscripts, I would suggest pulling up the original topics and seeing if the authors include Patreon links.

You can also create topics in the Script Requests category if you’re at trust level 2 or higher.

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I’ll script just about anything tbh if u show me the video i’ll see about the price