Commissions updates for #script-collections and #scripts

Trying out some stuff for people who want to advertise that they take script commissions.

1. in #script-collections, you can add a “commissions-open” tag

My reason for limiting it here is that it’s a central place that someone can keep updated. If it’s allowed on any topic in #scripts, I doubt people would keep them all up to date.

A tag also lets people filter down to only people who take commissions in #script-collections

2. added a little blurb to the #scripts:free-scripts and #scripts:paid-scripts topic template

I just added this little bit of text on top

If you take commissions, feel free to mention it anywhere in the topic. You can also add the “commissions-open” tag in #script-collections or write it to your profile.


Feel free to leave feedback on this change

I realize that the guidance for tags and the topic template do contradict each other a bit. Again, feedback is welcome