[Community Event] Aren't you Thankful for No Nut November?

Next try:
I’d like to script the beautiful Dani Daniels https://de.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5ec25816dd85b Dildo-play inclusive to reach the 10 minute mark.


I plan on doing this video! NNN No Nut November Handjob No Cumming Challenge


@GoonerScriptz I found another video. This one is from london lix. Edging challenge.
Do u allow this one? ill do this one then instead of the other one. London Lix - Impossible JOI Edging Challenge 5

Since this one is pretty hot, im flying through the making of the script. (i already finished it actually) Not so much yet with the violet doll one

Its either edge and ruin and "pay’ london lix 1000 dollars, or if u dont want that denial it. Seems quite fitting for NNN.

i didnt see it on eroscripts yet. So please correct me if i didnt look properly


Pro tip on winning nnn. Have your pc have a stroke on you. :melting_face:


First script is up https://discuss.eroscripts.com/t/london-lix-impossible-joi-edging-challenge-5/130620

i will also upload the Tabata Challenge. I really cant get into making the violet doll one.

2nd uploaded : https://discuss.eroscripts.com/t/london-lix-risky-findom-tabata-joi-game/130693

Enjoy No Nut November all!


I forgot to reply when I first read it, no issues at all with switching scripts for me

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Oh crap totally missed this, I’ve gotta go find something to script but it’ll probably be something from Sadie Holmes. When do we need to have this done, end of November on the 30th I assume? (probably just blind and didn’t see the due date)


I didn’t really put it - I’m going to have the end of the month be the end of the event so people can script while taking their holiday


Thank you for the confirmation, here is a link to the video I’ll be working on, hope it fits the criteria:



I couldn’t possibly miss out on this event. Here is my submission from the wonderful Kira Perez. I hope you enjoy.


I don’t know if this will qualify (the guy actually get off at the end), but the script is pretty slow with a lot of teasing in the beginning. It features some light bondage and a dom/submissive theme and is a dream for those with a high heel boots fetish.

This is one of my favorite vids but it has lots of parts with no view of the action since it focuses a bit on the boots fetish and the beautiful girls so it isn’t until now that I’ve took the time to script it.

I will post it soon regardless of if it fits the community event or not. I need to find some free sources first and make sure the script matches at least one decent source.

UltimateFetish - Iwia & Lola Myluv - Boots and Gloves

Script can be found here:


I think this one should qualify since the husband gets denied.

I saw someone else doing a Sadie Holmes and I found another of hers that’s one of my favs:


Finished Early!

Post can be found here:

As I was scripting this, I remembered @g90ak talking about his frustration in scripting, since, at more than 1 point Sadie has her hands on the balls and shaft whiles she’s using her tongue. To paraphrase, How the hell do you script that?

In keeping with the edging theme, I think I did a pretty good job. This is one of her better vids in my opinion.

Feedback Welcome!


Yeah, it’s definitely hard doing scripts for her because she has so much movement in different areas.

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I don’t want this to de-rail into a scripting thread by going off topic, but your question is something that many struggles with. Expand the summary to read how I deal with it.


I think of the experienced intensity and what catches your eyes as a viewer of the scene when I decide what to follow. Often the girl’s head moves much less than her hand on the shaft so following the hand might be the better option to ensure that you experience that everything is in sync. If the hand stops then switch to the thing that moves most, which might be the head. The hand on the balls is only considered if everything else stops and even that can be hard if you have to do a 100% repositioning to the bottom (I usually script that with the sleeve all the way down with small movements), do a few subtle moves and then move all the way up again when the mouth action resumes. Those long movements tend to ruin the immersion imho.

Note that I mainly script VR and that can sometimes differ a bit compared to 2D.


I would personally love a bj edit scripted.

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Thank you for the advice Sentinel!
I’m a fan.

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Here it is:

Have fun with it! Feedback always appreciated


Here is my completed script.

Thanks for putting on these events, it’s really pushed me to start scripting these videos on my list again lol!


Destroy Dick December is near…
Are you up for the challenge :wink:


Someone else might be organizing something for December :slight_smile: