[Community Event] Aren't you Thankful for No Nut November?

Lets shoot for a round two of Community Events for November! Whether it’s stuffing :turkey: :fallen_leaf: something other than a Turkey or Edging yourself for a whole month :woozy_face: :saluting_face: - Let get some scripts going! For the event this month I’m looking forward to a variety of scripts and I’ll offer the same deal as last month; As an additional twist @g90ak will be offering his scripts he writes for this event to only be available for participants of the event.

So lets pump those numbers up and get more scripts and scripters on Eroscripts. Last event we added a total of 15 scripts to this site - lets see if we can top it.


The rules are simple:

  • Script a Thanksgiving or No Nut November (NNN) themed video, anything in the category of Slow, Teasing, Edging, Denial themes of at least 10 minutes in script length (Action).
  • Claim your video in the replies below so we do not have any repeats
  • Post it here on Eroscripts under free scripts

Thus far I am claiming Melody Mark’s scene from SpyFam: Melody Marks in Stepbro Stuffs Stepsis With Huge Cock, on SpyFam!. I will most likely be adding another script from the teasing end of things later this month - still searching for a good one :slight_smile:


Event Rollup:

The Following Scripts have been added:
@yakuzadragon https://discuss.eroscripts.com/t/brattysis-emily-willis-sky-pierce-thanksgiving-day-sex-with-pilgrims-and-pussies/132177

@g90ak https://discuss.eroscripts.com/t/alice-chen-yourasianminx-blackmailing-your-panty-sniffing-friend-nov-community-event-exclusive-script/133353

@ScriptsEnjoyer https://discuss.eroscripts.com/t/london-lix-risky-findom-tabata-joi-game/130693 & https://discuss.eroscripts.com/t/london-lix-impossible-joi-edging-challenge-5/130620

@ITO_Snake https://discuss.eroscripts.com/t/dani-daniels-thanksgiving-spankings-community-event/131741

@Lynara https://discuss.eroscripts.com/t/sadie-holmes-pink-bikini-ruin/132601

@Teasey https://discuss.eroscripts.com/t/kira-perez-hottest-handjob-ever-by-teasey-community-event-submission/131376

@sentinel https://discuss.eroscripts.com/t/ultimatefetish-iwia-lola-boots-and-gloves/131487

@Mister_XOXO https://discuss.eroscripts.com/t/violet-moreau-edges-his-cock-until-he-cannot-take-it-any-longer/133413

@NeoScripter https://discuss.eroscripts.com/t/hot-wife-blows-random-cock-after-pool-party-sadie-holmes/131450

If I missed anything let me know!


:turkey: :fallen_leaf: :turkey: :fallen_leaf: :turkey: :fallen_leaf:
fuck NNN, I’m ready to blow a gravy-boat load to some cock-gobblers getting stuffed. jive turkey’s not nutting for a month, I still don’t get it. lmao.
:turkey: :fallen_leaf: :turkey: :fallen_leaf: :turkey: :fallen_leaf:

I had 2 videos I picked, but I just want to do one. Quick question, though. I picked these a few days ago before seeing the criteria of Slow, Teasing, Edging, etc. Do they have to fall into this criteria? Or is a T-giving themed scene enough?

Here’s the two I was thinking:

Jamie Jett from Tiny4K
Emily Willis and Sky Pierce as pilgrims with stepbrother friend

both are short videos, I have both short and full versions of both but they’re both more than 30 minutes. so if I can finish one before Turkey Day I’ll do the full version.

I’m leaning towards Emily Willis since she’s one of my favorites, and I like threesomes.

let me know if either are sufficient for the criteria, and i’ll edit this post to pick one in case someone else wants to do the other.

EDIT: I’ll be doing the Emily Willis/Sky Pierce scene, 34 minute version.

gobble gobble, gooners! :turkey: :fallen_leaf:

Y_D :dragon:




Unfortunately I don’t think either of those short form videos on their own would qualify. Too much filler with the scene only being 10 minutes itself. As long as the provided scripts are over 10 minutes in action-length combined I don’t have any issues.

no worries, I’ll just script the 34 minute file of the Emily Willis scene, its roughly 25 minutes of action points.

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Once again, I can’t read the text. :roll_eyes: Please remove the gifs. :laughing:
Will there be a preview for the scripts awarded for participating in the event?

PSA: Take care of your prostates gents. Bust on the reg. Make NNN into Non-stop Nut November.


I’ll do a g90ak’ed ver of it.


Here’s a Thanksgiving themed one I’ll do

Teen Kenzie Reeves Wants A Big Creampie For Thanksgiving


Soo the reward will be only for scripters?

I’ll g90ak this one too. Can’t skip Kenzie. Computer gonna be working overtime :slight_smile:


@GoonerScriptz’s reward will be his script provided for free to scripting participants in the event. It will be a pay script for everyone else.

My reward will be only for scripting participants. It will not be available either as a free or pay script for anyone else.


Damn i regret that i dont know how to script

This event sounds fun. :+1:
ill make https://spankbang.com/6ets5/video/edging+continued

I love some good edging and teasing.

I will make 2 scripts for it. 1 with no motion in the teasing parts and one where the previous motion continues during the teasing parts.

(not being made atm sorry, on a later date i will look at it)


There’s good tutorials on this site and the event only requires 10 minutes of action. Perfect time to pick up the skill :slight_smile:


Sounds fun. I don’t have a lot of free time but hopefully ill finish this in a week or 2 lol. I dont remember where i got this and i cannot find links for this anymore, i think this got yeeted everywhere. Lori Adorable - Lori Leaves You in Ruins is the title of the clip.

Fuck yeah what a great idea!
I claim this scene https://spankbang.com/52em3/video/busty+girlfriend+madison+ivy+sucks+dick+on+thanksgiving

Hope to do Madison justice as it will be my first official script here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but damn Im motivated! :metal:


My next script is going to be a little more ambitious than my Halloween Event one.


Big fan of Summer Hart and Annabel Redd. I remember watching Summer Hart when she was OUSweetheat on MFC back in the day.


FYI there is a free script of the full scene on here already. Not saying you can’t do it again just letting you know.

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Damn, I swear I searched for her name and thanksgiving and didnt find it here…

Ok I see Husky did it - this is what happens if you dont know the official name of the video but only a mirrored blowjob edit of it.

Will search for another fitting one. Thanks for the heads-up!


Try learning how to script at 3 in the morning its the time that last person in my house go to sleep