Community VR PMV challenge


Hi Folks,

Thought it might be fun to try something new as a community.

Here’s the plan.

Step one

People put in here there suggestion for a VR scene from a studio. Im picking VR bangers for the studio as I have access to most of the video’s through my SLR sub. Once we have enough submissions I will compile it into a Compilation PMV. Each scene will have between 1 and 2 minutes of representation. Once done i’ll post it on here and we move onto

Step two.

People choose an Actress/Scene to script in the video. We then compile it all into one script.

The idea is that even though the video may be anything from 10-30 minutes long each person only has to script a small portion so it is a good way for people who script to show off there styles and for people who are new to scripting or have only done a little to get a bit of practice without worrying about burnout.

So the rules for submissions are as follows.

Must be from VR bangers
Cant already have been suggested
If you suggest a scene you get first dibs on scripting it but dont have too.

Hope to get it all done before Christmas

Music suggestions also appreciated.

Any questions let me know.


Example. Lily Lou My Fruity Valentine - Incredible and Sexy Virtual Girlfriend Lily Lou HD POV (

Xxlayna Marie
Feel free to use parts of the script I’ve created for the video: VRBangers - Xxlayna Marie - Super Hole LVI

Avery Black and Nicole Doshi:


Alexis Adams - Center of Attention - Blonde with Big Tits Fucked Hard

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