Comparison osr2+ and sr6?

I know this question might be coming up regularly, but after reading what I could find here, on tempests discord and even googling it, I´m still not any further when it comes to a decision, so first a sorry if this is another vague question.
I´m pondering changing out my keon for an osr2+ with a twist or an sr6 with a twist. Now I´ve read a lot of posts, about the pro´s and cons and I know that you need specific scripts to even make use of the additional functionality of both, but also that the sr6 due to spreading the load more doesn´t burn out the motors as fast…but it´s louder at the same time
Point is: I watch…I would say 60% pmv´s and 40% normal clips, all originating from here, how much would I actually get out of getting an sr6 over an osr2+ ?
While opinions exist, clear comparisons of people owning both are almost impossible to find, let alone videos comparing them (found several showing off the sr6 especially, but none playing the same scripts for both). The pricedifference, considering importtaxes on top if I order one are not that small, otherwise I would pick the sr6, it´s just the question how much I get out of it at all. The last real question on here regarding this is over a year old, so after most early issues should be tinkered out and more people were able to test both I ask again, how much would I miss out on if I would pick the osr2+ over the sr6? Are there big reasons for one side or another, considering my average usage?
Thanks a lot in advance, I reached a point where I read pretty much every source available and I´m still not the wiser…
as addition, since many might suggest this: I live in a small place and have no room and most likely not the skillset to get a 3D-printer and do it myself. I know a bit about electronics, what you expect from someone using and fixing pc´s for a long time, but I never printed anything in my life, so I´m not sure this is an option at all.

I did try the SR6 for a while and I the extra directions of motion were nice. I do not find myself missing them however.

SR6 is hotter I have found. I have started putting fans in all SR6 builds. Waiting to see if there are further reports of PLA getting to warm and warping. Of course I replace plastics for this kind of thing and there haven’t been more instances than I can count on one hand with this issue.

The motors are inexpensive and therefor have a lifetime of up to 2 years in the best circumstances from my experience. So having one burn out is cheap and simple to replace.

Hope this helps at least a little.

For those with concerns about the cost of importing the device reach out to me and I will see if I can ease those concerns.

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