Computer viison/AI to create funscript

Hello everyone,

I was just wondering if there is a tool that exists that tracks the position of a hand (for a handjob video) and create a funscript file from the positions.

Right now, it seems that there is only the SLR product and video player. I think a more accessible (and even free) solution should be available.

Has anyone toyed with this topic to have a model/codebase ?


Moved the post since the software category is for actual software releases.

Tracking the hands etc. is actually not the problem but processing the information input, e.g. when the hand changes etc… I experimented with this a few years ago, see here. But I have not achieved any satisfactory results.

MTFG in OFS is what’s regularly used for motion tracking. It is not a fully automated process, only a tool to aid in scripting.


Thanks for your answer, I’ll take a look soon !

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