Connect Handy while creating script

Forgive me if I don’t explain this clearly.

Step 1. Create script with OFS

Step 2. Load script into player for testing

Step 3. Make some notes, go back into OFS for adjustments.

What I’m wondering, is it possible to have the handy connected while the script is being created for instant review of the handy movements? In other words, let’s say it’s a 5-minute video. I write the first minute of script, rewind and hit play. As that first minute of script is playing the handy is moving with the script I just wrote.

Is this possible?

AFAIK it isn’t possible since there is currently no interactive mode for TheHandy. I know it has been discussed to add that to the firmware, but I don’t think it’s there yet, not even in the new v3 that was released not long ago.

However, most of the review work is done with the help of the simulator. Testing on the device is more to make sure transitions feels ok when repositioning is required that don’t match anything on screen, that you don’t push the device past its limits causing issues in the movement and so on.

That’s what I figured, I imagine a Bluetooth connection would be needed for this to happen.

There is a “Reload Script” button in ScriptPlayer and even an “Auto-Reload” option that reloads the script every time you save the file - that should work.

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