Connect Kiiroo Powerblow to Intiface

Hi I am tyring to connect my Kiiroo Powerblow to Intiface Central on my PC in order to use it with my scriptplayer but I do not find the device in Intiface

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We can’t, for now. Maybe later.

@tonithe @Morrigan - Have you guys tried connecting your Kiiroo PowerBlow which we now have supported through Haptics Connect app or via directly bluetooth inside DeoVR app?

Quick easy step by step guide can be found here → How To Connect Popular Sex Toys For Interactive Haptic VR and 2D! (Including the HANDY, Fleshlight LAUNCH, Kiiroo KEON, VORZE, LOVENSE, OSR2+ and more) Step by Step Guide with Pictures!)

Option #2 works great for VR use

Option #4 works great for non-VR use (mobile smartphone pov)

I already tried a few months ago, but it doesn’t detected. Is something’s changing ?

Definitely try again I’d say - the powerblow should easily connect instantly and you can even adjust suction levels through haptics connect app

Alright! I believe in you! :grin: I can’t wait to try it again.

This way only works if you have a sexlikereal premium account?!

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I have try now feelxvideos trial account there you can also use the powerblow but I am disappointed. The speed of the powerblow and the sync is very bad. For me the Powerblow was a bad decision :frowning:

That is correct - having a sexlikereal subscription will provide access to thousands of high quality scripted content, as well as ongoing access to latest app features and updates that we highly recommend it for excellent user value

Have you tried testing your PowerBlow with our scripted content and implementation at SLR with an SLR trial membership as of yet?

It should be a much more finetuned enjoyable experience