Connecting The Handy to ScriptPlayer

I’m having trouble connecting my handy to script player. I’ve connected my handy to the internet and have a key, and I can get interactive videos to work on their site. However when I input my IP address the handy’s key and have local port at 80 local script hosting doesn’t work. ScriptPlayer says the handy is connected and is listed under devices but my device wont move saying ERROR: machine timeout. It wont do anything when I have as host either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I prefer ScriptPlayer to their site.

i cannot help with the scriptplayer issue you are having but there is a good app made for the handy specific

Remember that you can only have the Handy connected to 1 source at a time, so if you happen to be connected to a website then the device will be “locked” until you disconnect it, closing the window might not do it for quite some time i have seen.
From my experience best solution was reboot computer and make the Handy powerless for 10min or more, then just copy your Handy key into scriptplayer from a fresh reboot :wink:

I got to solution when there were issues with handyfeeling, but it requires BT.

You will need:

  1. Then, install intiface, install script player, plug in dongle.
  2. Start intiface, select BL devices support, start server.
  3. Switch Handy to BL mode (long press wifi button).
  4. Run script player.
  5. Select Devices → Buttpulg → Connect and Devices → Buttplug → Scan for devices in Scrtipt Player. Select Handy in Devices → Show devices.
  6. Add your video, script and enjoy.

Not sure if you can use it via local API with ScriptPlayer. You can try HandyContol if you on FW 2.x or keep digging.

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