Contest: Win a free custom funscript for a video of your choosing!

Hello Folks,

It is contest time. I, and a few others, would hold these from time to time over at RTS (it may have happened here, but I haven’t had as much time to hang around the forums these last several months).

Anyway, I present to you a contest.

This will come in the form of a poorly articulated riddle (Isn’t that kind of the point)

“I am often the centerpiece in many rooms, but people tend to look right over me. Maybe it is because I am often shorter than others baring the same last name”

“I make enemies with toes”

“Some may say that mornings are my favorite time of day”

First, correct answer wins. Please only 1 attempt.

Winner gets to choose a video to script. A few restrictions 1) Obviously it must adhere to forum guidelines for content. 2) Videos must be under 30 minutes 3) The video must be publicly available because it will be posted here.

Good luck!


A coffee table


Ya lol a coffee table. Dang 2h 2 slow.

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Chiming in with coffee table but looks like I just missed seeing this post by a few hours. Choose a good one @bingobango!

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Well, I definitely made this one too easy (still better than my Agamben question on RTS). Anway, @bingobango pm me your choice!

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