Converting VR to 2D video

Is there a way to convert VR Vids to standard 2D videos?

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there might be apps that can undo the distortion needed for VR
i know certain apps can turn the circle view that some producers use into a square (equirectangular)

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Imstead of converting you can use Whirlgig+Scriptplayer combo if you have desktop.

Or if you have Handy you can use handyfeeling website and their VR player.

This was a pretty good solution. I used “Collect - 360° Video OverCapture & Editor” for Android and it did the trick. Thanks for the tip!

How did you get this to work, it can’t seem to find the 180’ videos I downloaded

Sorry, I should have come back to update but the first app I tried only worked once and then never again. Try THETA+ for android. It’s advised as being used for 360 pics but they also have a video processing tab to that has been working well for me.

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