Couple section ideas

Fix my script: for completed scripts that need adjustment.

Multi Axis request: not just link requests, but posted scripts that have been cleared to have multi Axis added to the script.


Maybe instead of “Fix my script” we could add “Feedback welcome” kinda section, where scripters can post their script with focus on the feedback. This way scripters can improve own scripts rather than relying on other scripters to do the work for them.

As for the multi-axis request do you mean adding extra axes for existing scripts?

that’s actually a good idea. I have always seen some scripters say feedback is appreciated only so see the comments empty.


I would love to get more feedback. :wink: But i dont think that an extra Section for that would solve the problem of “no interaction by consumers”. I think the half a dozent Users (yes i am exaggerating) that give feedback right now would be the only Users replying to Scripts posted in this topic. But hey: no harm in Trying. :wink:
Only “bad” thing i can imagine coming from that could be, that scripters use this topic to “promote” scripts that did not get many clicks, but thats a moderation Problem.

As for the multi-axis request do you mean adding extra axes for existing scripts?

Yes, I’ve gotten a couple requests for that.

Or we can just add “feedback needed” tag or something, this would work in that case too. Right now it’s impossible to filter scripts that need / want feedback. Of course some moderation would be required so people just don’t put it on every script, but hey, we have a couple dozens users who can edit the tags if they see someone abusing it.


Feedback kind of tag makes sense. I’m sure most often people want feedback but also intend to fix that released script instead of going off to release later. Otherwise they go in the incomplete script section.

Request sections make a little more sense to me to repair abandoned scripts or add other axis

Off topic. I have a script review for you. I just need to upload it

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we previously tried out a script feedback section, but there was almost no traction. I wonder if the #scripts:incomplete-scripts section could do double duty and also serve as a way to request feedback?

another thing I’ve seen one person do (I forget who) is include a rating poll at the bottom of their posts in #scripts:free-scripts as a way to get some feedback

and for multi-axis, I have seen some people just make them based on another person’s normal script and share within that same topic


Nice one on the feed back fellas :+1:
Just a couple ideas I thought I would throw out there. Got one more for you to consider. We all meet up in Vegas for the first annual Handy Olympics?