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Craft a velcro tape loop to hold the fleshlight quickshot in a tube


Since many people have replaced the original sleeve with a Fleshlight Quickshot I had a go at this too. In this little guide I will show you how you can use the sleeve without having to care about the mess that it can produce since its open ended design. I am using this setup for some month now and can say that it is working very well.

The idea is to hold the Quickshot inside a plastics tube so the velcro strap can’t get loose. The tube also prevents that anything can get out. The mess stays inside and can be cleaned afterwards very easily.

My little friend Banana :banana: is demonstating how to use the Quickshot setup.

Notice: I am only using this with a horizontal setup. I don’t know how well it works in a vertical position. Maybe you have to make sure the velcro strip is very tight if you move the tube inside.

What you need

  • A Fleshlight Quickshot without case. Keep in mind that the sleeves seem to have slightly different outer diameters. I found the Quickshot Vantage is a little bit wider than the Quickshot Pulse and so it holds better in the tube. But in the end it depends on your girth and the tube diameter what works best for you.

  • A plastic tube with an inned diameter of 65mm at the opening that must be slightly conical (gets a tittle bit tighter at the end). The tube of a penis pump is just perfect in size and shape for this task. I am sorry that I can’t provide you a link as I bought it a long time ago out of curiosity :innocent: and can’t remember the brand. The image is very close to the look it had and you also can see the slightly conical shape of the tube.

  • Double sided Velcro Tape with 5cm width.
    Example on Amazon

Tube preparations

I had to cut of the top of the pump to get the tube. The air hole in the top is just about 1cm in diameter. Thats big enough that it doesn’t create annoying whistle sounds during movement and small enough that nothing can get out. Here is the tube size I have used:

Outer tube circumference bottom: 7,16 cm (c=22,5 cm)
Outer tube circumference top: 6,94 cm (c=21,8 cm)
Inner tube diameter bottom: 6,50 cm
Tube lenght: 21,3 cm

Velcro tape

The tape in the image covers the whole area of the tube. This way the tube gets a higher friction and does not slip out during a session. The soft side of the tape must be inside.

The tape itself is made up of two separate sections that are stuck together. This is only necessary once during setup. Later you don’t have to remove the tapes at all.

Short section: ~15 cm
Long section: ~36 cm

You need to create a litttle hook on each tape that sticks to the other side of the tape. Using staples are the easiest way to achieve this and they are holding very good.
07 06

Once both sections are made you hook them up on each side of the slider. Remember to point the soft side to the inside. Wrap up the tube with the longer tape at about half lenght. Now press the tube against the slider and stick the second tape to the first one to close the velcro tape loop.

You might need to repeat this a few times until you find the best position so the tube gets heavily stuck in the velcro tape loop if you move it further back. The best final position is shown in the first image with my friend inside. To get the tube out you just slide out of the velcro tape loop without removing or opening it.

I never had to re-open the velcro tape loop or replace the tape since I build it. The images are from today so you see there is no wear visible.

How to use

  • Move the slider of Handy towards you.
  • Lube up your banana and the inside of the Quickshot. Don’t lube up the tube or the outside of the Quickshot or it will slip out. You need a high friction between both materials!
  • Slide inside the Quickshot.
  • Now insert the Quickshot in the tube. Rotate the tube so the sticky outside of the Quickshot gets easier inside the tube. This part can be difficult if you are fully erected. You can also try to place the Quickshot inside and hold it while you slide inside. Once your banana is inserted you will notice that the Quickshot holds alone just with the pressure from the inside.
  • Slide inside the velcro tape loop until it’s stuck as depicted in the banana image.
  • Load a script and have fun.

Edit: Also works with a normal Fleshlight

Two Quickshots in a row

This setup allows the use of two Quickshots at the same time but so far I do not recommend this. If I find a good setup I might change this chapter one day.

Some of the issues I have noticed so far.

  • The second Quickshot has less space because of the conical tube diameter at the end. It just feels a little bit tighter and is less good than I had expected.
  • It is difficult to get the second sleeve inside and out again.
  • The second sleeve slides further backwards in the tube over time as there is still space behind it. The gap must be filled with something light to keep the distance but without blocking the air vent.
  • It adds extra weight to the system which slows the speed down a bit.

If you are interested in the hands free mounting have a look at my other post.



A little off topic but i was wondering what your opinion on the Quickshot Vantage was? I was interested in purchasing as a stand-alone, not to connect with a device, but wasn’t sure if it was a worthwhile purchase. Is it something you would recommend?

Also, Can you compare it to a fleshlight sleeve, as it does it feel better/worse/comporable? Appreciate any input you could provide!

@poet145x I currently only own a single fleshlight and I have not used it in ages. I prefer the shorter open ended toys. I only have the Quickshot Pulse and Vantage so I can only compare them. The Vantage is softer so this is my favorite. Works very well with Handy if you like BJ/HJ.

The Vantage & Pulse itself in its case is too tight for me. I can only use it without the case. Still making fun once in a while. If you have two of them you can use the default case to connect them (very loose). You still need both hands but its some nice build for edging. I would buy the Vantage again if there is nothing new to try out.

A great advantage of the quickshots is that you can use them without lube compared to the full size fleshlights.

@Lucifie Awesome, I appreciate the level detail. Quick question though, is it possible to use the Vantage without the case? You mentioned the ccase is too tight, is it possible to use the Vantage manually without the case?

Also, i’m not really familiar with the concept of edging? I looked it up but i’m not sure how it pertains when it comes to using the Pulse + Vantage. Any chance you can expand on this a little more?

Sure it is. You can just pull it out and hold it in your hand. It is very flexible. You can stretch it to 20cm diameter to give you a number to work with.

This link should explain the other question. You have probably already done it before…

Oh yea, I conceptually understood the concept. I was just a little confused by

You still need both hands but its some nice build for edging.

I was under the impression you were saying that this product specifically was better for edging? which i didn’t quite understand

It is a good combination as you have two sleeves which are open ended. You just cant hold both sleeves with one hand the whole time.

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Oh i get it now!! That makes sense!

Thanks for the explanation

Just took a test ride with the normal Fleshlight case and it is also working. No need for an aditional adapter :smiley:

You just have to build the loop before you insert the case so you can make it a bit tigher and it gets stuck if you push it in with force. If you just wrap the velcro around the case then it will be too loose and it drops out. Push the case until the velco loop touches the top threads so the friction is maximised.

The additional weight slows down the Handy but if you use it with slow or medium speed scripts then this works quite well.

I have not tested this in vertical position yet. Maybe in a few days…