Curious suspicion

Has anyone else here ever noticed that when a script to a new video gets posted previous urls once readily available no problem all of a sudden are taken down. Maybe someone can offer some more insight

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it might be because some posts are by people associated with certain websites, so as copyright holder/representatives, they request that other links are removed


New porn videos get the links pulled frequently. There’s people out there whose only job is to search for copyrighted porn and report it. An actress or studio has to pay them to do this job, so it’s more likely that newer videos will get pulled because they are still profitable.

Also, it wouldn’t surprise me if funscript sites are being watched by these studios. Someone makes a script for a video and that instantly increases demand and value for that video. Once demand increases, then it becomes a worthwhile investment to pay to have free videos taken down.

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With every technical advancement, especially in the field of AI, it becomes easier for publishers to find copyright infringement. Nobody needs to search websites like spankbang or something else manually anymore.

Yeah but hot take here,
It may be for the best to live in a world without free porn.
On top of that I the people making it to get paid, if May Thai is going Bob Ross with her tongue I am happy to pay for that art personally.

Do you affialite with SLR ? ım really wonderindg that because withot my knowledge and my consent you have deleted my kind threads about them ?

True enough, but I wouldn’t be surprised if those systems are built to recognize sudden spikes in activity for videos on the main site and then use that activity to determine what videos it searches for.


withot my knowledge and my consent


(If Hugecat is affiliated with SLR, then he and DoubleVR have put on quite a performance in days gone by…)

Are you a mod or admin ?

i am an admin, i have no affiliation with SLR or any other site

topic might have been deleted due to copyright takedown requests, or it’s just part of a chain of toxic replies (not that your reply is necessarily toxic, but it just wouldn’t make sense standalone if only the other replies around it were deleted)

Mods and admins are listed on the About page.