Hey !

In the new handy site version, i discoverd the CYOA website but i can’t find no experience, it’s just an empty page for me.

What could you advise me to use it better?

Yup, I took on look. Got confused and never looked again

It lacks any form of instruction. I don’t entirely understand what it’s supposed to do.

I looked into it because it sounds neat. To use the handy you need to join their patreon first ($3).
then I assume you connect your patreon via the login on

For actual help on how to use the site is here. I’m pretty curious of how it works so I’m going to join and see

This is a tool under development and I am not sure whats it is capable of. I have only tested it once with a third party app that Pseudonym is working on. It’s a CockHero with single levels that are combined at random with a random beat meter. Think of a dynamic CockHero video that is different every time and unlocks new features every time you play it.

You need to ask in his discord to get access to a tester role to download the videos and the app itself.
Since I don’t know If I can share this link, I will send him this link instead.

For anyone who want to have a look.

This is correct. Pseudonym’s game is one of the first on the platform, and the platform is slowly maturing. The Handy integration works great.

I have a few other folks looking into making games so hopefully you’ll see more here.
Any developers out there?

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