Czech VR Free Video

Looks like we got a nice holiday present from Czech VR. Looks good too !

Czech VR 655 A Perfect Gift for a Perfect Guy: Part 1 - Czech VR


Is there a script for this?

Not yet, but sometimes they lag behind a bit if they do decide to supply a script.

Eden Ivy, Kama Oxi, and Lia Lin? Three of my faves. I’m in even without a script.

It’s good that the scripts are included in the normal monthly subscription. What’s the quality of their scripts like these days?

It depends. They’ve had a number of different scripters of varying skill. A couple months ago they had a batch of really bad ones–It may have been an inexperienced scripter or they may have been experimenting with AI scripts. If I recall correctly, the newer scripts are fine.

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The scene ended up on SLR with an AI script. AI script is better than no script, IMHO.

Does anyone know if Part 2 has been scripted? I stumbled across the scene a few days ago but haven’t found a script yet (if one exists).

Well, CzechVr appears to make the scripts for those free Xmas scenes free too ( .

Unfortunately, it looks script release is running about 2 months behind scene release–so I guess we may see those scripts in late February unless someone here decides to take a whack.

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Thank you for the info, Sir!