CzechVR free content scripts

Do we have scripts for CzechVR free content videos: 039, 109, 183, 201, 255, 321, 336 and 390? I can’t find any.


As far as I know some of the videos are scripted by CzechVR and the scripts are available for download on CzechVR site. So in other words there are paid scripts for the videos and I believe that the local free script scripters are usually not scripting videos that already have paid version of scripts. But ofc I can be wrong.
And you started a topic in wrong section…

You should be able to download the scripts, if you click on ‘Download Full Free Video’.

Click on the bullet like icon to the far left. Not all videos have scripts, e.g. older czechvr videos and czechvrfetish solo videos.


Thanks, didn’t know that - there’s some really nice scenes there

A simple search would help:

or (only scripts by CzechVR)

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