CzechVR - Free Scripts with Sub

I’ve had a sub with CzechVR on and off for 3 years.
Absolutely love the scenes which are consistantly of a high production standard and especially since they are doing more Creampie endings.

Has anyone noticed a distinct difference in the quality of the scripts?

Missing and shallow strokes etc, not sure if its just me and my launch but they don’t appear to be of the standard they were last year and previous.

Only asking if others have noticed or perhaps its just me.

yes i have also noticed this, last month a had a sub and tested a bunch of the most recent scripts, about 3 of the 8 i tested were good, the rest were a bit all over the place, not good, ive lined up a few to dive in and fix shallow strokes myself, they need to do that themselves

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Yes. I noticed this quite a while ago. The Scripts are definitely not as good as they used to be. I guess they are Auto-Generator and then manually tweaked a bit. And I understand that. I mean, scripting can be quite difficult if the camera angle is weird, and scripting definitely consumes a lot of time.
Nonetheless I think it’s sad. The Scripts used to be soo good…