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CzechVR hiring scripters [archived]

I don’t know where it’s coming from. We never introduced such rules. There was a lack of management on scripts from our side. Right now we are fundamentally restructuring everything to make a solid long term foundation. There will be official SLR rules on scripting coming soon.

My sincere apologies to @Lupus and @CzechVR for hi-jacking the thread. It looks like we have a decent debate here on where things are going.

CVR - I dont even use scripts at all, but I am here to say that your entire catalogue is a literal gold mine. Renewing my sub there is a easy as buying any necessary household item - no brainer.


I love CzechVr between their constant releases and the free scripts. I paid for a year in advance.


CzechVR, you guys are amazing human beings. You don’t deserve this hostility from your competition, although you are definitely doing something right if they try to attack you publicly.

I know that my subscription to you is in a good hands so thank you :love_you_gesture:


How do you determine if someone is worthy of hiring?
Is there some kind of review or hiring process?

Scripting is not hard, just time consuming. There are some tricky parts, but most of the time it’s just hitting a number from 1-9 or using cursor to follow the movements.

You don’t need a PhD to script, I’m pretty sure anyone with a little bit of motivation could script professionaly.


Sorry for late reply and thanks for the love guys - much appreciated!
To answer your question - I would first not call it “worthy” of hiring. If your question is about the scripting, it’s simple - we check every script we receive, so it’s just about that - if it seems good, we use it and pay for it.

Forgive me, but I just have to ask this.
Do you have a separate room where you can test those scripts or are you testing them at home?
:sweat_smile: :see_no_evil:

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Of course it’s separate room with white walls.
Walls used to be black, but you know…


Jeez, so much jealousy in this thread coming from slr. @doublevr, shame on you sir.

Tbh, you should take an example of CzechVR and hire your own guys to make scripts for you so you can offer them with your subscription - it will be cheaper in a long run for you and your community. If you think about it who on earth wants to spend 600 bucks minimum for the amount of scripts that CzechVR offers for free? Yes, scripts are a niche category for now, but to make the community grow you can’t put all of them behind a paywall, it’s only scares people away from buying interactive sex toys.

Slr, I think you are the only site that demands payment for scripts, so maybe instead of assaulting other studios you should join them, have you thought of that for even a moment?

I also wanted to thank you @doublevr for making me cancel subscription to slr, I will use those money to support vendors at Realsync and studios that offer script in their sub - at least I know that the money goes directly to them, without 500 fees that you take.


Same here. I just rented VR glasses for a couple months and considered to give SLR a try. But the fact that I have to pay individually for the scripts really makes it unattractive. A premium membership and then ON TOP $5 per scene? No thank you, I’d much rather use free scripts then, even though they are very scarce. Now hearing about CzechVR is very interesting, I might give them a go since that is an interesting deal for me, fair to the user and really a good way to promote interactive toys which is what we all want. More users with interactive toys, more demand for scripts, more subscriptions from people who want to enjoy the scripts along with the videos. That is the only way the “scene” can grow, not by putting an additional paywall between the videos and the scripts.


You mean they are scarce because there is not too many of them or do you think they are just bad, because I don’t agree with either. I have bought a lot of scripts and honestly I can’t tell the difference between most of the scripts here or scripts on SLR, CzechVR etc. as they are all great quality. There are some exceptions - someone new is figuring things out, someone is experimenting, but honestly from over 400 free VR scripts that you can get here most of them are :ok_hand: and people who share a few scripts here usually provide great content.

What I really like about paid and free scripts is that there is usually no duplicates so if there is already exisitng free script for a VR scene there is no paid script for it and vice versa - it’s logical because free scriptors don’t lose sometime weeks of their time and paid scriptors get the most of the sales, because there is no free alternatives.

As to CzechVR don’t hesitate, you won’t be disappointed. Even for a full price their included script library is light years ahead of other studios.

You’ve permanently lost me as a customer for this comment, I assume you’re a representative for the company? Enjoy my yearly sub going to Czech now and I’ll also have all that extra cash with free scripts too.

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Not really a good idea to bully a company like czech vr who is and always has been tops in adult vr. Czech does it the right way every time. You pay for a subscription to get ALL the content available on the site. Unlike slr who seems to harrass competition and even its own consumer base on socials… No worry’s lupus and czech vr keep doing what you do your sub is an easy sell

I mean that there aren’t as many free scripts, especially regarding VR. The quality around here is great, no doubt.

There is currently more free scripts here then for example paid scripts on SLR, just sayin’ :roll_eyes:.

Bit off-topic, but certainly more on-topic than some other stuff going on here…

Do any CVR subscribers know how well it’s integrated with the Quest 2? Is it a smooth process like with SLR, or do you have to actively DL the script, move it to the device, DL the video, add it to your DLNA server, etc.?

I didn’t complain :wink:

Oh man I never saw this thread.

@doublevr you’re of course super welcome to be on the forum and to use it to find new scripters and talk about SLR, but I don’t appreciate you instigating drama by turning our site into a platform for you compete. SLR has a recruitment thread, Czech VR can have one.

I think it’s probably too late to clean up this thread, but I’m going to lock it - @Lupus freel free to create another one, I’ll try to do a better job keeping it on topic next time!

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