CzechVR hiring scripters

Hello all,

I would like to inform you, that CzechVR is currently hiring new funscript scripters willing to work for commission creating scripts for our hardcore videos.
Our proposal is simple - we offer to pay one-time fee as a commission for every script you create. The script will then be free to share and it will also be present in our member’s section. It cannot be sold anywhere - from the very beginning we believed in keeping our scripts free to download from any sources and we have no intention of changing this approach. The reason why we want to pay commission, is to have those scripts created in the first place. Also - why not get paid for your hobby, right? :slight_smile:
In case you are interested in cooperation with CzechVR, please contact me either over PM or on my email: affiliates -at- czechvr -dot- com and we can discuss the terms. We are looking for longer-term cooperation.

If you read all the way here, then thank you for your time and have a nice day!


Not a scripter, but I just want to say that I’ve been a member of CzechVR since the very beginning! 2015 and going strong. One of the few VR sites I’ve never let my subscription expire. You guys are the gold standard!

When I finally got a Handy late 2020, and I started doing more research on the various VR studios and what they offered, I was FLOORED when I found out that that CzechVR offered free professionally-made scripts to all their members. I could not believe it. This extra value that CVR offered their memebers for 2-3 years and I didn’t even realize it this whole time!

Not that I needed any more incentive to stick around, but I can’t say this enough, CzechVR. THANK YOU FOR THIS! And thank you for that epic Easter BGGGG from last week. Still making my way through it lolol. I cannot wait for when the script is available for it! No pressure =))) I will not be able to last longer than 5 mins at a time though. :sweat_drops: :sweat_drops: :sweat_drops:


Since not many offers came our way so far, I thought I’d try bumping this thread.
We decided to up the offer a bit to following specs:

  • one time commission fee of 2$ per minute of video
  • you are now allowed to monetize your script in any way you see fit
  • however, our scripts will remain available on our member’s area for our users for free

Just want to say I remain a subscriber because of the free scripts and CVR’s flawless camerawork. So thank you guys so much for the value and service you provide.

I think what you’ll find is the market you helped flourish, along with the release of the Handy, is growing exponentially on the demand side (people wanting scripts) but not in the supply side (number of scripters). There are now more opportunities than ever for paid script work, with Real Sync, SLR and the Script Poolers discord, and studios like Wankz looking to hire. Due to this imbalance of supply and demand I suspect you will have to increase the $/minute rate to attract good scripters, and think more in terms of “get paid for your work” than “get paid for your hobby”.

Wishing you guys continued success!

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I think many are scared off after looking at how to deal with taxes related to the income. In my country scripting is considered to be a paid service, not a hobby, hence it’s subject to different and more complicated tax laws. At least that is the reason why I’m dodging paid work. It’s just too complicated/tiresome to be worth it since I have no intention of doing this full time or starting a business to simplify things. I suspect that I’m not alone to be in this situation and that’s not easy for anyone to solve unfortunately. But tax laws are different in every country and I really hope that there are enough good scripters out there who are ready stand up to the challenge.


We are currently in a process to train our own guy in scripting, but in the meantime we need to fill in the gap, so if anyone is interested, we can offer temporary commission in price of 4USD per minute of video for our scripts.
If you want to make a few “quick” bucks, now’s your chance :slight_smile: