Deciding between Quickshot Launch vs Handy

Hey all,

I’ve been using the Lovense Gush with scripts and frankly…it sucks.

I was getting ready to purchase the Handy, but I read some concerning posts about safety on Reddit. I feel like I should be fine with the Handy, but I’m concerned about the times I get drunk and want to get my rocks off :smile:

And are the safety concerns about the Handy overblown? Is there anything I should be doing (other than following the basic instructions) to make the Handy safer?

Is the Handy that much better than the Quickshot Launch?

I wouldn’t be using a mount for either devices, and I’d be sticking to 2d content.

What safety concerns have you been presented with?

I mean, there is the standard disclaimer of not operating machinery while intoxicated and if that machinery is around your genitals I see why that is important.

However, I’ve used my handy while drunk, and/or on other intoxicants and haven’t experienced any issues this far.

I would make sure that you are well versed in its operation before doing this. [THE FOLLOWING DOESN’T INCLUDE THE INITAL PROCESS OF UPDATING THE HANDY OR JOINING WI-FI] You will have to plug it in, (if using script player on the handyfeeling webpage) switch it to Wi-Fi mode to get it connected, make sure it connects in the web UI, lube up, enter sleeve, open the strap, strap in, select a saved video and corresponding funscript, hit play and your set.

Yes it a bit cumbersome, but well worth it for the Handy performance.

All that being said, I would buy the handy, get it added to Wi-Fi, use it about 10 times while sober and you should be fine.


Get/build a hands-free mount, practice usage and tinker with the settings.


From what I understand the Quickshot Launch does not have any connectivity of sorts, so if youre looking to use funscripts then I’d recommend the Kiiroo Keon. It has its own issues but it is pretty safe and idiot proof.

The Handy is a good device but for best usage you more or less have to mount it since holding it is slightly weird/hard to do.

The Keon is designed to be held by both hands, and you just hold it over your crotch and unless you’re jamming your junk inside the gaps, you shouldn’t get caught in anything.

The Handy: Cheaper, Allows for the use of more sleeves(depending on size and mods), Has to be plugged in, Best if mounted, More accurate use of scripts

Kiiroo Keon: More expensive, Sleeves Rub(need towel trick or 3d printed cap to fix), Battery powered(Fully charged lasts 2hours iirc), Can’t use while charging, Little to no concern of junk getting caught, Easier to hold, Kinda Big

A lot of people on this site prefer The Handy due to its price, script accuracy and the fact that you won’t be in danger of running out of power mid session. But if safety is a concern for you and you dont want to mount your device at all, the Keon is probably what you want.

I agree that I like the Keon better. I made a holder for my Handy and it’s fine. But you can buy a holder for the Keon. Plus, it’s quieter.

The main benefits to the Handy, IMO are: 1) You can connect to a PC and a VR headset without using an additional app on your phone; and 2) Because it runs on A/C power, you won’t run out of battery power at a critical moment.

…i believe there is a warning about not using the Handy the ‘wrong’ way round, i.e. over your balls with the buttons facing away from you, as opposed to over your crotch. This might lead to the descending mechanism pinching some loose skin around the top of your balls, which could lead to an injury.

i use the Handy the ‘wrong’ way round myself, usually on a plethora of intoxicants (including alcohol), and would not consider doing it any other way. i do have a hands-free mount, i do take care to make sure i’m free from pinch potential. Used it for ages, and just being careful usually does the trick. However, if you want to be absolutely secure, find something tight to the crotch to wear (jockstrap, speedos, pair of tights, rubber pants, wtvr…) and cut a neat hole for your dick et voilà, safety pants.

Though not entirely necessary (i’ve used the Handy numerous times butt naked), it can be reassuring if you’re intending to be seshing all night and get totally wasted, but then again i’ve always enjoyed dressing up for a wank, so maybe this is just my role play fetish coming out!

Another handy Handy trick is to get the fattest possible sleeve, ideal a FleshlightGo or similar. The fatter the sleeve, the further your delicate bits are from the mechanism, and consequently safer. Also, never strap your Handy to yourself in any way, the freedom of movement that you get from hands-free mount actual helps protect you as you can move away swiftly if the occasion ever commands. Common sense, but best stated for the record.

No experience with the other device, i can say the Handy is a stunning piece of design, it’s amazingly easy to use, to sync up, etc. Has enough power to comfortably drive a FleshlightGo (normal Fleshlight won’t fit within the sleeve), and no stupid batteries, so the voltage is always peachy, great tech and customer support, etc…

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short answer handy.the end.

Awesome, thanks fellas! Looks like Handy all the way.

I sometimes use briefs with a fly, works fine if you wear them slightly offset.

They also shaped the slide to make it less likely to pinch anything even if you are using it wrong and the somewhat loose power cable makes for a decent e-stop. The slide can also be moved by hand without any issues and the device will stop if it encounters too much resistance.

Still managed to get a slight bite once, but as long as you let everything hang down (and don’t sit weird) it’s perfectly fine.

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I also just ordered a FleshlightGO sleeve per TheLandOfInfiniteFun’s suggestion since I was planning to use a non-default sleeve anyway.

And once again, I really appreciate everyone’s input - awesome community!

Honestly the number and similarity of “the Handy destroyed my penis” posts on Reddit make me think it’s some kind of coordinated operation. I’ve had mine for a year, used it in all sorts of intoxicated states (C2H5OH + THC + VR + Hands free mount = my brain wondering if it’s the real thing), never had an issue.

the biggest danger you have with the handy is that while holding it incorrectly your fingers might get hurt as they might be hit by the moving part that holds the sleeve all other thing are from toys occasionally breaking down and that is the same for keon or launch.

Simply said unless your dumb or very drunk the handy is safe, And by far the better toy compared to the keon/launch. better speed since update 3, better reaction time less stuttering because of how it works, and never run out of power. trust me you want the handy do not believe the crap on reddit.

I prefer using The Handy over Launch but that is when The Handy works. I’m currently in the process of an email discussion because my 3rd Handy in just under 3 years has stopped working.