Deciding on new project

Hello, EroScripts community.

I’m funscript author for CH Dreamscape 1,2,4,5 and CH Girlfriends.
Looking for new project and want to gather your opinion on what great video lacks proper funsript for now.

Some conditions:

  1. Cock Hero / Cum Hero
  2. Softcore or low hardcore content with maybe some exceptions (blowjobs, “sensual” sex)
  3. High quality content (from studio with beautiful picture like playboy, digitaldesire, stasyq and so on, not some random onlyfans/tiktok low quality content)

What do you think? What new funscript should I make?

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How about this one? Fits your criteria:


It was script filled already and IMO non-nude/twerk is meh, but we’ll see.

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It was scripted… poorly.

I’m sure it was )
That’s why I’ve remastered Dreamspace series and thing on remastering Audition or Blue Magic.
For now let’s wait for more feedback.

The fuck it was, man?

Would really like to get some of that into VR. Let me know if we can work together on that.

Feel free to use all the SLR Originals content SLR Originals Videos: Download Best 360 Full VR Porn | SexLikeReal. We can get your own SLR channel.

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+1 it’d be great to have some cockheroes on slr

I’m not sure if I understand you. For now I’m not experienced in CH production, only thinking on making one. And here I’m suggesting to create funscripts not CH videos. Also I don’t have necessary hardware for VR.

I’m surprised no one has made a Boutine LA Cock Hero yet. Although it would probably be in violation of criteria #3 anyway.

There’s a request for the Cock Hero - Infinity series that was never filled. Apparently there’s lots of very good StasyQ content in it. All of the videos can be found on Spankbang.

Here’s a softcore cock hero by Redlighter

They’re not cock heros or “challenges” but I found a few 20 minute StasyQ compilations.


I don’t believe the first Cock Hero - Soft Climax has a script.

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What do you think of Scripting Edge Heros?

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I would love to see Blue Magic remastered, especially since only part 1 ever received a funscript.


Was thinking on BM too.

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Second part also have funscript. Even two! I’m not sure on quality though.
Cock Hero - Soft Climax 2.funscript (147.6 KB)
Cock Hero - Soft Climax 2.funscript (170.9 KB)

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