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I posted a few places about this but it may have been missed:

Support for older Nobra’s hardware and OSR-2/SR-6 is coming to Central in a future version, hopefully the next month or two, if not sooner. Basically it’s just a UI update, I haven’t had time to add the ability to define which serial ports that hardware can be connected to yet. Until then you can totally use Desktop still, it’s just not going to be receiving any more updates (though the main program hadn’t been updated since 10/2021 anyways).

I also haven’t released new versions of the programming language libraries for C#/Javascript/etc yet so it’s not yet a requirement to move to Central unless you’re trying to use hardware Desktop didn’t support (Like the new Lovense devices, etc).

That’ll change once the new libraries are out, then programs using those new libraries won’t connect to Desktop. But hopefully Central will do everything Desktop can currently do before then.


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