DeoVR DLNA while using VPN

I’m trying to connect my headset through DeoVR DLNA feature while VPN is turned on in the headset itself (NordVPN APK).

However, I can’t seem to establish a DLNA connection no matter how much I try. I tried having my laptop connected to the same server through Nord VPN PC application (same IP address) with no success. I’m open to use another VPN APK application if anyone has had a successful experience doing so.

The reason behind this is that I have to access SLR with a VPN running in the background of my headset in my country. My goal is to run scripts on the handy along videos stored on my laptop through DeoVR DLNA.

Any suggestions?

Since you connect to a different network on your headset when using a vpn, the laptop wont be present on said network.
That said, if your router supports openvpn, you could run the vpn on the router instead, so the laptop and headset will still be on the same network.

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