DeoVr for SLR ios alternative

The deovr app is crazy on the last ios update. Some one use an alternative to use the slr app on ios ?

If it’s shaking like crazy when you start the app, restart your phone. That works for me and if you’re able to start the app within 20 mins or so it won’t go crazy.

okey I will try, there is no other knowned way ?

Apparently it’s a problem down to the iOS level, they changed some way the gyroscope works or something and the app devs haven’t fixed it, so until apple updates the OS or deovr gets updated then there’s no other fix right now. iOS 14 support - DeoVR

You know how to access local file in deoVr on ios ?

I use iFunBox to put the funscripts in the DeoVR interactive folder. For some reason the program doesn’t open on Windows but it works on my macbook