Deovr keeps disconnecting or not downloading Handy script

This is driving me nuts. The Handy worked great the first day (and still works fine with scriptplayer and the official local player) but DeoVR keeps disconnecting. The handy loses connection (blue/red light) and scripts are not loaded.

Wifi is fine. Works four hours with other apps. But Deovr seems to mess things up. Anyone have a solution?

I tried using Whirlygig with scriptplayer but videos take a serious hit in framerate with that setup.

handy losing connection is not directly related to deovr, as they are not directly connected (both handy and deovr talk to an external api, that does almost everything.

from the led colors you reported, I believe that you are using the old firmware. maybe you could try upgrading to 3.0

Is the new firmware good? I haven’t upgraded because I heard it changed the way scripts are played?

there were some differences, but latest release claims to fix that. according to you should be able to restore old version also, if needed. but I would not expect extensive support to the old version. personally I prefer the new firmware, specially the smaller script load times.

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Upgraded. Seems to be better now! Thanks!

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