DeoVR SLR NOT WORKING, but you want badly VR, SEE THIS

This is continuation of Kiiroo keon how do I begin.

So I got bored again, wanted to check out tits in VR.

My iPhone mini is spinning like my dick in front of my window toward neighbours while in DEOVR. Not

DeoVr and SLR on Xiaomi Poco m3, all the time I got message the format is unsupported. Not working.

So I got piss off I wanted to check that hot milf on VR.


So you want VR video you got Android phone and PC and keon.

Download VRTV Free for smartphone, put in the video locally.

Wait for video to load on Scriptplayer and simply start video simultaneously.

Yes yes it is fucked up. Latency is acceptable due to phone vr quality. Experience 5/10.

But you got vr video with sync launch handy etc. Bravo!!!

This is a tutorial for those that are having trouble to set it up regular way and there phones etc are not cooperating as said here on forum.

P.S. I got the Fleshlight Next Level Butt Chechik it feels awesome especially when it goes around tip in blowjob’s. Hehhee

For DeoVR on iPhone restart your phone and then launch DeoVR it should work, that’s what I do. And setup DLNA on your PC so you can stream any VR videos from your computer to DeoVR. You have to have the scripts on your phone to do that so for that I use iFunBox on my macbook (iFunBox doesn’t work on my PC for some reason) to put the scripts under Apps/DeoVR/Interactive.

Nothing works, restarting iPhone gives nothing I will stick with above method as it was satisfactory until I get my hands on Oculus Quest 2 most likely 256 gb