Devovr player says update handy firmware?even tho its up to date

as the titles says just got the handy today,bought a script so i can use devovr and it says to update my handy even tho its already been updated. pigasus works fine…anyone?

Update - HandyFeeling

??? as i stated my handys up to date…its 3.2.3

Sometimes I get the same message. Probably it’s a bug in DeoVR :grimacing:

well my handy doesnt work. shows the green light with the handy there on the bottom left but nothings being sent…

same issue here. my handy is up to date and scripts dont get sent to handy

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Strange. On the other hand DeoVR is a horrible player and you’ll be better off with everything else.
Pigasus has also script support, why don’t you use it?

i did use it but i wanted a back up just incase…

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