Did I miss something? Prices for scripts explode lately

I see more and more seller at gumroad and I am the last person who are not willing to pay for a good script, but what the hell, the prices are sometimes unreal.

Is this an inflation thing or just some golddiggers in here?

10 min script shouln’t cost more than 2 Dollar and this is my absolut max. If the movement is always the same, like on some animation stuff or you make a script for a JOI video the price must be much lower.

Or did I miss something?

Is the community willing to pay more for good stuff?


I charge $2.50 for a ± 25 minutes VR script. As this is my first paid script I looked around at what other people charged and decided on this amount.

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For real, gumroad more like cumchode lol.

I like the patreon model and the people on patreon usually have the better taste in porn and hentai as well, but ironically I think the free script people and freemium people also have pretty good taste, better than the premium-only people.

If there was a video I was really eying, I wouldn’t mind paying a few dollars to have it instead of spending hours scripting it. Especially if it’s like a young girl, high quality video file, etc. People are still scripting pornhub low quality rips and cuts from scene releases…

I’m picky I guess.


Not a lot which is why you have communities privately sharing those scripts.

Or even openly on other sites.

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Most paid scripts are not any better than free. I see no reason to pay for any of it and seems more like a hobby to do than a paid service


First off creators are well within their right to charge what they feel a script is worth.For VR it makes sense to charge a bit more (dont have a VR setup just assuming its a bit different to script).

With that said I’m more likely to purchase 1 off scripts from creators if they have any of the following:

  • a patreon (more bang for the buck but also a gamble if they dont make scripts often)
  • a mixture of free and paid. Its hard to gauged how a paid script is esp if the last free script from a creator was far back where comparing to what a script is now (ppl learn and make better scripts overtime) is hard to do.
  • Bundles and/or discounts

But yeah prices seem to have risen, definably have noticed . Tricky topic for sure


Everyone is free to pay or not to pay for scripts.

Every Creator is free to charge whatever he wants to.

...Just to make it clear from my site.

I personally don’t want to charge per script, I’ve been told I should charge more for longer scripts but honestly I don’t really care. I have a Patreon to give back to the audience with similar taste, and to justify the time I spend making all of these with some sort of compensation because time = money.

I’ve also sold batches of audio scripts privately, one person I sold to said my prices were too low, and they gave me more than I expected for the bunch. I really appreciated it, and scripted more videos for them. So yes, people are willing to pay more money for what they want/quality. I often get asked for intense scripts which is another reason I enjoy having a Patreon, if people are there they like what you produce. They are not posting comments about what they don’t like about your scripts as the only feedback.


A buck per ten minutes isn’t too bad, imo. Whenever I see that price I feel it’s reasonable. If it’s frame by frame scripted and includes excellent timing, depth, and technique, it’s worth a buck per ten minutes.

Niche stuff like JAV should honestly be charged at a premium. Mosaics make it rather difficult to script. When I see an 1 hour long JAV for 2 bucks, I’d honestly be willingly to pay 5-6 for the effort.

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i noticed that too, my prices are the same, i used to charge a few cents less but i had to increase to account for VAT. Still i’m seeing 5-6 dollars per script atm


Well, SLR ruined the marketplace over there for scripters by flooding the market with that low-quality AI crap. I would imagine that scripters have to make up for that loss somewhere.