[Dieselmine] Milking Farm / Succubus Farm - EDI (v1.4.2)

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Animation Samples

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:information_source: About Game

A farm run by Succubi –
Those held there are confined like livestock and milked of their cum.
To dissuade escape attempts, the succubi employ traps and illusions…
and sometimes a gangbang or two to tire the offender out too much to try again.

:scroll: Mod Info

The mod also utilizes @dimnogro’s EDI, which I integrated as a RPG Maker plugin.
The plugin is loosely based on To4st’s Buttplug implementation, but had to be heavily modified to work with EDI and this game’s sprite animations. Also included an interception for the CG Images, so they can be scripted as well.
I had a pause function for when the in game skipping was used during the CG-Scenes, but had to disable it for now, due to an issue where EDI would crash when the skip/pause duration lasts longer than the actual script duration for that segment. → Pause function was fixed in latest EDI release and can now be used as intended.

I tried to build the plugin in a modular way, so mainly the bottom game/animation specific part needs to be adjusted, and left comments for most of the segments.
That should make it easier for anyone to use the code to implement EDI into other (JS based) games as well.

It doesn’t look like EDI has any debugging as of now, so I’ve included a simple logging function that writes the EDI-Server requests and the intercepted GalleryNames into a text file.
This will at least enable us to check if the integration is working and what Animation is being pulled from the code, which should be especially helpful for integration in other games/engines.
The “EDI-Debug.txt” file will be saved in the same folder the EDI.exe is in. This Degubbing and the CG Pause function can be disabled here.

var EDIPlayer = {
  // Configuration:
  baseUrl: 'http://localhost:5000/Edi/', // base URL for the EDI server
  EnableLogging: true, 					 // Set logging for "EDI-Debug.txt"
  EnableGalleryNameLogging: true, 		 // Option to set  additional gallery-name logging
  SkipEnabled: true,					 // Pause script if in-game skipping is used

:memo: Notes

  • Most of the CG-Scenes unfortunately didn’t have scripts.All CG-Scenes have been scripted now!
    I’ve included a compilation of all the scenes, if anyone is interested in scripting their own version.
    Since the integration uses EDI, it’s also easy to include multiple script variants like: easy, hard(er), simple, detailed, ect., MeruCheer

  • Some versions of the original game had a bug where two of the animated scenes were switched and glitching, which has been fixed in this mod.

  • Depending on the game version you have, you might want to use the uncensore patch
    for a better game experience.
    If you’re using the Steam version, this patch is neccesarry to fix issues with the base game animations not loading.

  • Tested with the Handy on the KaguraGames Eng. version and briefly on DLsite Japanese edition.

:computer: How to use

  • Step 0. Get the game. If you have the steam version / need to apply the uncensore patch,
    do so now as well:
    DLsite Kagura-Games Steam

  • Step 1. Download and extract the Mod into the game’s main directory (replace any existing files).
    If you have the Japanese DLsite version, use the mod version “[DLsite-Jap]”.
    Likewise, if your game is in Simplified Chinese, go for version “[ChineseSimpl]”.

  • Step 2. Launch “Edi.exe” and use your Handy key to connect over WIFI.
    You can also use the Intiface Bluetooth connection for the Handy and other devices as well.
    Filler and Reaction scripts can be turned off here, depending on preference.

  • Step 3. Start the game, and good luck escaping them Succubi MeruGib

:link: Download Links

:card_file_box: Integration Mod:

:film_strip: If you want to create different script versions, here are the reference videos:

:game_die: Game:

:medal_sports: Credits

A big thanks goes to:

dimnogro for the EDI program:

99DM for the first CG-Scene and all the Animation-scripts:

Secondary2 for scripting all the other CG-Scenes!


  • 20.02.2024 - v1.4.2 Bugfix NEW
    • Fixed an issue with the first CG-Scene, that would cause the EDI Player to crash.
    • Fixed an issue with some of the Japanese naming in the latest Mod version.

  • 02.02.2024 - v1.4.1 Bugfix
    • Fixed playback issue with some of the Scripts
    • Added 99DM’s script for the first CG-Scene
    • Minor code change for better Filler-Script behavior

  • 29.01.2024 - v1.4 CG-Update
    • All CG-Scenes have now been fully scripted! (Big thanks to @Secondary2)
    • Fillers can now be toggled on/off with the [TAB] key
    • Added small “Heartbeat” script that plays when the player is hiding.
    • Update to latest EDI version (full changes can be found here)

  • 17.08.2023 - v1.3 EDI-Update
    • Update to latest EDI version; Full changes can be found here
      • Device playback can now be paused when in-game skipping is used during CG-Scenes;
        This can be disabled in the plugin.
      • Added Filler scripts for when no animation is playing.
      • Added Reaction script when the player tries to escape.
    • Added Mod for the Chinese version of the game.
    • Fixed end script for the fairy-box animation

  • 13.08.2023 - v1.2 Hotfix
    • Fixed a bug where the hint screen at the start of the game would interefere
      with the animation playback. Thanks @Secondary2 for the feedback.

  • 12.08.2023 - v1.1 Improvements
    • Fixed startup behaviour for one of the animations.
    • Added Mod version for the Japense DLsite edition of the game.

  • 12.08.2023 - v1.0 Initial release

I can believe it!!

It’s an old script, so I’ll have to make a remake version
I’ll make it after a trip!

Thank you so much!!


I can’t do it…:disappointed_relieved:

Even in the beginning, there was a part where the js file didn’t run,
I fixed Plugin.js file and managed to get in,

But it’s not available

What game version are you using? In the KaguraGames edition all the images are encrypted so they have the RPG extension “.rpgmvp”, not “.png”. I’ll have to check if that’s maybe causing any issues.
Also, there should be no reason to edit the Plugin.js, unless you’re version has other plugins than the default game.
Can you send me the logs in the “EDI-Debug.txt” file?

I tested it with this

It was an original Japanese version without English translation, so it worked when you added a line of Edi code at the end of Plugin.js

The Japanese version might have a different ‘character name’
for example… Nursedotwrites…?

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From what I can tell in the picture, the names are identical.
I also tested with .png extension now and the mod should be able to handle that as well.
Will need to get the DLsite Japanese edition and try on there directly.

I am quite confused as to how the edi.exe works
am I supposed to use intiface or just input my connection key and all is good?
and should be in wifi or bluetooth mode?

Sorry if that is stupid questions :sweat_smile:

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Any chance for a “hard mode” mod (easier to get caught, much more lives/endurance, so that game over won’t happen too often)?

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You where right, the Japanese version uses different names for the animations and also has some structural differences.
I made an additional mod version that should now work with the Japanese DLsite game as well.
Please give it a try :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the mod, worked fine with the English ver.

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If you enter your key and have the Handy in Wifi mode, EDI should connect automatically when you click “Reconnect”, or restart it.
If you want to use Intiface for a Bluethooth connection instead, install and open intiface central.
If you’re using the dafault Intiface URL, EDI should connect to it once you start the server. Then just connect any compaible bluethooth device to intiface.
For this detailed script version, I would recommend Wifi tho.

I was thinking about it, since it shouldn’t be too hard to implement, but I’m currently working on a few other game integrations and would like to focus on them first.


so for some reason i dont see the animations anymore when i get caught by succubi or other things, but the handy is moving / responding to the action, which isn’t visible :sweat_smile:

i got the legit base version from steam btw

fixed it: had to download a patch to show the animations.

Succubus Farm patch

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It says that its connected with wifi but for some reason nothing happpens when I encounter enemies?
Is there some way you can help? :sweat_smile:

how do you find the filler settings

I have the same problem, the handy moves only sometimes. But most of the time it does nothing

Hey Texi, from the looks of it you applied the uncensor patch after the mod, and it may have overriten some of the files.
Please re-apply the mod.

Sounds like an issue with the connectivity.
Changing your connection method between Bluetooth/Wifi might help.

I haven’t implemented any filler scripts yet, but will probably do so in an later update.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:
Dont know what went wrong but installing it again on a different drive seems to have fixed it