To4st - Game Integration Mods

The list of mods continue to grow, and I don’t just mean my own. Alot more are sharing their creations and it’s always a treat to learn of a game through these forums. I’ll continue to add my own mods to the list below for as long as I can. I’m not sure what the size limits are for a post, but that’s a bridge I’ll cross when I get there.

The links I’m sharing will only contain the files required for modification. I don’t have the storage to host the entire games themselves, and I also want to encourage others to pay for the games if they enjoy them.

I’ll be trying to keep a consistent structure between all mods. This will mainly consist of three folders:

  1. The modified game files.
  2. The server/player that sends commands to devices.
  3. Scripts

A readme file is also included with each, which should hopefully cover most questions.

Custom Player/Server
Download link: MEGA

Player has been updated to use .NET 7. Please download the .NET 7 Desktop Runtime from this link if you don’t already have it.

This custom software is what I’ll be using for most of my mods. It will serve as the middleman between the game logic and your device. It can be configured to connect via Buttplug and Intiface, or via a serial connection. For most, Buttplug will be the main way of connecting your device. Serial currently only exists for OSR devices that use T-Code.
By default the server will launch intiface in the background using the included cli exe. I’ve only been able to test bluetooth (with a Keon), but if it’s intiface compatible and Buttplug recognizes it as a linear device then it should work.
I plan to try and keep the server backwards compatible. Each update to it should still be compatible with previous mods. Please let me know of any issues you encounter as I won’t be able to always fully test backwards compatibility.

Succubus Academia

Game Store Page: DLsite
DLC Store Page: DLsite

Main Game Mod Download: MEGA
DLC Mod Download: MEGA

You only need to download one of the links for the modded files. If you have the DLC, only download the DLC mod, otherwise download the original.

Non-animated battles now have their own unique scripts to accompany them instead of the standard filler. Thanks to @Nitesurgeon for scripting and testing. This would have taken way longer if it were left to just me :slight_smile:

User submitted scripts
@Nitesurgeon: Longer strokes intended for The Handy
@99DM: Adjusted scripts from his compilation video

Lilith In Nightmare

Game Store Page: DLsite
Game Mod Download: MEGA

This only contains linear scripts for now. I want to go back and add multi-axis scripts to the scenes that would benefit from them - when I can find the time.
While going over the scripts, I’ve noticed some of them don’t loop properly. I’ve fixed a few, but the cause looks to be that some of the game’s video files loop in ways that make the scripts’ start and end-points awkward. If you come across any out-of-sync scripts, please let me know.

Afterschool Tag

Game Store Page: DLsite
Game Mod Download: MEGA

Spent a bit too much time on this one, given how simple and short the game itself is. I’m cutting my losses and releasing it. Breaking and testing changes takes up too much time and I feel it’s in a state now where it should be mostly working. Please let me know if you encounter any issues and I’ll do my best to fix them.

User submitted scripts
@Secondary2: @99DM’s scripts modified for the mod
@Nitesurgeon: Modified longer strokes

Captive Ars and Romeria

Game Store Page: DLsite
Game Mod Download: MEGA

Want to thank @Nitesurgeon again, for helping me adjust my scripts for playback on The Handy, as well as testing.
Included are two plugin.js files. One is meant for the original Japanese game, and the other for the translation. Pick one, rename it to plugins.js, and then overwrite the game’s / translation’s version.

Stigma of Lust

Game Store Page: DLsite
Game Mod Download: MEGA

Another short-ish game that I thought might benefit from an integration mod. Check the readme for shortcut keys and details on the configurable options.
Thanks, @Nitesurgeon for helping me out again. Always appreciate it.

Melty Brave Kittens

Game Store Page: DLsite
Game Mod Download: MEGA

Latest game from circle-tekua. This is also my first mod to support Edi.
In the download you’ll find folders for a funscript-player and an Edi version. Only the funscript player version supports multi-axis scripts at the moment, but I am looking at dimnogro’s code to try and port over some of my code so that those who use OSR devices can also make use of Edi.

Game Requests
I feel that way more games could be modded if I wasn’t the scripting bottleneck that I am. If you, or know someone else who, would be willing to provide scripts for a game you’d like to see, please feel free to reach out in a message. Just please don’t try to script everything beforehand. It can take a lot of time, and it would be very unfortunate if I end up being unable to mod the requested game.
I’ll be using the space below to share these requested games:

Anything Goes In a Fallen World

Game Store Page: DLsite
Game Mod Download: MEGA

Requested through direct message. They provided the scripts for the scenes, but wished to remain anonymous.

Tower of Alfimia

Game Store Page: DLsite
Game Mod Download: MEGA

Adds script playback for battles, H-scenes and animated videos. Scripts for CG and battles was provided by the requester who wishes to remain anonymous.
Animation scripts provided by @99DM.

Lillian Night ~Exclusive Succubus~

Game Store Page: DLsite
Game Mod Download: MEGA

Requested and scripted by @Falafel.
I had to accomodate for script seeking for the in-game player, but there’s currently no logic that ensures the script stays in sync. If you do find that your script becomes out of sync, you can manually have it resync by pausing and resuming.
If staying in sync is a widespread issue I’ll look into a proper solution.

Fapland Remastered

Game Download: MEGA
Game Mod Download: MEGA

Requested and scripted by @Secondary2
No store page could be tracked down, so a download link was provided instead.

Some videos are known to cause the game to stutter. This will cause the script playback to go out of sync. I was unable find a way to have them resync if this happens. I’ll try and get back to this to see if I can find a solution in the future.

Mon Musu Paizuri Drain

Game Store Page: DLsite
Game Mod Download: MEGA

Game with simple pixel art animations. Animations are scripted, with a simple filler option for when moving around in the world.
Requestor wished to remain anonymous.
Scripts provided by @99DM


how do you use these


Yeah, seems nice, but what devices are able to connect with what Programms, we need more clear Information how it works.


I’ll be rooting for you!


This is my lucky day that i noticed such a gem

Btw do i need it to connect to intiface becaues i first launch intiface i start server next i start funscript player and next i launch the game but player do not connect to intiface


@Moonchaos I’ve added a bit more in the post on the server. It uses buttplug to talk to devices. I was only able to test bluetooth and serial. I’m not sure if there are more connectivity methods used by intiface, but if there are there should be a way to include it in the server.

The player will launch a background process of the intiface cli on startup. You shouldn’t have to start your own intiface instance. If your device connects via bluetooth it should just pick it up like intiface normally does.
You can disable this via the json config if you’d like to run intiface yourself. Set embedded to false and make sure the intiface connection string matches your intiface config.


Soo if i understand it i just need to launch player and the game and have my handy in bluetooth mode or wifi will work too

I think i got it i dissabled launching buttplug server in a background and my intiface got connected to the player in case it didnt work i made copy of the original file

Same for other game

I don’t think I fully understand. First things first before running anything, start Funscript Player.exe. If you haven’t modified the config it should say “Scanning for devices” next to status. That at least means it was able to connect to intiface. If it’s at all similar to the Keon, your Handy should just be picked up and connect automatically if you enable bluetooth mode. I unfortunately don’t have a Handy to check myself, so please correct me if my assumptions are wrong.

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I figured it out already if someone want help just write it here or me

Hi, this is great!!
I played with Lilith In Nightmare. Thanks for creation. I really love this mod.

For people who doesn’t work. You might forget to override js in www files.
At least it worked with my handy.


i can’t get it to work with Succubus Academia. But on Lilith In Nightmare everything is fine and it works.

I pasted the Integration Mod in the original folder and extraced the Scripts. Then I start FunscriptPlayer.exe. But it doesnt connect to the game, it only connects to the Handy.

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The player is standalone. It runs completely independent and unaware of the games. It’s setup as a simple http server that listens for requests.The modded game files allow the games to send the commands to the player for it to play the right script at the right time.

For Succubus Academia, make sure you copied the files to the right place and overwrote the existing ones.
When the game first loads, the player should start showing values next to “status” under the Game section, that should at least indicate it received some command.
You could also make sure that the scripts are in the correct folder: “./scripts/succusacademia/…”

This is all troubleshooting I could think of at the moment. Since you mentioned Lilith is working, I think it is most likely the Succubus Academia files. Maybe your version could be different from mine and there’s some conflict?


could someone make a video im more of a visual learner


Am i the only one getting this error and the yes button does nothing??


try to download it by yourself

Same here, but started to work after installing Download .NET Core 3.0 (Linux, macOS, and Windows)
Under " .NET Desktop Runtime 3.0.3" install the x64 or x32 if you run 32bit Windows. I only tested with x64.


I tried it with multi-axis but osr only works with linear script.
Should I do something with TCPGamePlugin.cs file or Just put it at root\plugin folder?