Different script main topics

Would be nice, to have a seperate section for cgi and real movies. I prefere the real one and not really interested in cgi stuff and in the script things is a lot of cgi / hentai stuff at the moment, so it would be nice to have it more seperated and not mixed with the other stuff :smiley:


This could easily be done by having an irl tag be made and attached to all posts containing all IRL content. Really doesn’t make any sense why drawn stuff (western and eastern content have different tags) and computer generated imagery get their own tags, but IRL does not.

Really, the art format tags really need a rework. Here’s what I propose:
irl - For any scenes taken in real life (normal porn)
drawn - Catch all tag for all drawn content
cartoon - Any western drawn content (currently it’s being used as just a catch all tag so it grabs eastern and western content when searched up)
ero_anime - Any eastern drawn content (hentai literally just means “transformation” or “sexual pervert” in any Japanese dictionary (I used jisho) so it could be applied to any porn)
cgi - Any computer generated content

Different main topics could get really messy as you’ll have to sort them into free and paid scripts (like what this site does) and then sort those into their respective art format topic

I agree that tagging should be used to solve for this instead of a different category.

The biggest issue with tagging right now is that it’s optional and every person handles it differently. So we could add an irl tag, but then it’s on the people creating new topics to add it themselves.

And because there’s about 10ish people who are able to manage tags, they’ve gotten out of hand tbh. I’m really unsure what to do with the mess that is tagging unfortunately

For now, you can exclude tags in advanced search

i’d maybe wait till we discuss this a bit more

because you could go do that right now and it might be beneficial. But again since tags are optional and everyone uses them a little differently, your one time change probably wouldn’t do anything going into the future

I’m not sure an irl tag is a great idea - I’m pretty sure most people won’t use it. You’re right, there is a lot of hand- and computer-animated material on the scripts forum, but I think many people are of the opinion that ‘irl’ porn is ‘normal’ porn and animated porn is different. You’ll have a lot more success getting people tagging their posts as hentai or cgi than you will with irl because for a lot of people, irl IS porn, or at least normal porn. You might as well ask people to tag their posts with ‘porn’.

I think the real answer to the OP’s question is negative filtering, as hugecat alreay posted. If you’re not interested in animated content, search for everything but exclude all results matching cgi, sfm, hentai, cartoon…


Suddenly I feel like that’s a quite startling profusion of tags for just different kinds of animated material.

Personally, I think having a one-shot “include this”-able tag is far more convenient, but I’m used to sites where any user can add tags to an item, and that changes things.

that is why i would prefere another section on an high level. it isn’t a nice user experience to select / deselect the whole tags. i guess the people who are interessted in cgi stuff are opened to some cartoon / hentai stuff. so maybe there is just an “real” and “none real” high level section.

alternative for that would be an own custom made link, where you can have a preset of selected tags and can it is forwarding to some search result page.

and maybe you will be forced to have at least one high level tag for the post itself.

Or structured like this:

  • Free Scripts

    1. Real
    1. Animate (cgi, sfm, hentai, cartoon …)
    1. Beat (pmv)
  • Paid Scripts

    1. Real
    1. Animate
    1. Beat

that would be nice

And then you’ll also have the problem of where HMVs go to. They aren’t ero anime so they can’t go to the drawn and animated category, but if you put it in the beat category, it’ll get mixed in with the IRL PMVs (which could be flited out via a tag search though)

Maybe this could work:

Free Scripts


Scenes | Cock Hero | JOI | PMV

Drawn and Computer Generated

Western (cartoons) | Eastern (ero anime)
Scenes | Fap Hero | HMV

Same format for paid scripts. However, if we do this, we'll have to move all the posts that were posted there. Doing tags requires us to have to tag each post, so we'll still have to tag all of them either way.

Seems ok for me - Just splitt it by content real or generated and let tags do the rest.

Just some random idea so you can spot scripts faster.
In the paid script section they use symbols in the title for the different sites and you can search for them by their name. Maybe symbols can be used for Scenes :name_badge: / Hentai :shinto_shrine: / Beat :drum: / Pattern :recycle: