Digital servo question

I swapped out some bad FT5330M servos (bad, do not recommend) for some nicer AGFRC 32kg servos on my SR6. I just took them right out of the box and zero’d them in on the firmware sketch. Everything appears to work normally with one difference. When the servos are holding the home position, they make a faint noise. Sort of sounds like a 40mm fan with dirty ball bearings. The new servos hold home position rock solid, they just give off a slight noise when not in motion. The old shitty ones did not make this noise when holding home position and they were also digital servos. From what I can tell on the internet, it is normal for digital servos to make an ‘idling’ noise. Everything in MultiFunPlayer seems to work great. I am also fine with the noise as it is subtle. I just don’t want to damage these.

I also got a usb programmer for the servos, so is there a setting I should check there or is that more for calibrating them for a RC transmitter?

my servos do make a tiny bit of noise, but it’s not like you describe, more of a very high pitch whine.

is the servo “vibrating” at all? when a servo went bad for me, it would vibrate back and forth, trying to zero in on its position, but always overshooting by a tiny amount. it didn’t move much, if at all, but it was heating up a lot and eventually burnt out when it started happening when I walked away.

It vibrates enough that I can hear it thru an auto stethoscope, but all 6 give off the same sound as far as I can tell. It is dead silent without the arms/links and full fleshlight load, but adding the weight of all that causes the noise when holding the home position. The noise is constant. Changing the orientation of the SR6 like putting it on its back etc seems to change the sound slightly as the weight moving around changes where the servos have to strain to keep the home position.

I’ve seen this with several “upgrade” servos including the AGFRC ones. It’s just how they are, nothing wrong with them in particular.

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If you don’t have the latest version of the firmware, maybe try that. I used version 2.something for a long time and kept replacing servos trying to fix a “jitter” that magically went away with version 3.4.