DIY SYNCBOT Hands Free Idea

I am here to share my syncbot hands free idea, as a handy user I really wanted something similar to what I found to my handy, some time ago I made a topic about it for measurements: Syncbot Measurements - #2 by Cloudyfire
thanks to @ lr_x3i found an easy and cheap solution!

it’s a tripod V mount :slight_smile:
here is a link for the clamp that I use, but anything with the same tripod connection will work, make sure that if u buy this clamp it destroys a soft surface like wood so get some kind of cushion to prevent any damage:

The V mount holds the syncbot just perfectly, I tested this both seated (syncbot inclined positioned) and standing (syncbot positioned horizontally),
I found that it holds pretty good during action both while standing or siting, because the v mount doesn’t lock the syncbot from all sides I don’t recommend leaving the syncbot working unattended (why would you? :wink: )

I didn’t see any topic about hands free idea here, so feel free to share yours and help others, I hope that we are going to see some man made scripts for this in near future.


I used the clamp I bought for the Handy for the SyncBot as well:

I didn’t really like keeping the Syncbot stationary and I don’t think it’s good for it’s longterm health in terms of mechanical wear. I ended up leaving the clamp a little loose and putting a rag/towel in it so it kept the Syncbot from shifting left/right as well as twisting but allowed for it to move up/down. Keeping it clamped tighter where there was no vertical motion it really felt like the machine was struggling with the strokes because it is meant to move.

My handsfree option has been:
Stick it in between my pants facing in a forward natural direction, and wrap a towel around it so that it doesn’t move.
Alternatively, having it face upward in between my pants with the towel wrapped around the machine first, and then put my shirt over the Syncbot so that it’s laying flat against my chest, for maximum feeling.

I have a diagram, not sure if the image will persist on imgur, can’t seem to upload images right now…
Basically when you have the Syncbot upward, the pleasure is enhanced a ton, so I’ve been trying to get ways to keep it in place while it’s facing upward.

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You got really strong clamp, mine moves just a little, but I think that the sync bot behind handy in regard to up and down motion, I can’t really put my finger on it because I can’t see what’s going on inside XD , maybe because it’s just the inner part moving and not the whole thing, or it’s just the range of motion, in the clip on youtube it looks very short.