Do many of the people on here still visit or use realtouchscripts frequently? Anyone know if or when that site will stop existing/shut down?

Does that site still have active maintainers/admins? Definitely glad to have eroscripts which uses SSL/HTTPS unlike realtouchscripts. And eroscripts is so much better when it comes to browsing the site/forum!

There was no moderation whatsoever (and probably continues so) on the RTS forum which is why eroscripts exists, so any toxicity would go unchecked.

We’ll be here as long as Hugecat is alive lol, we are always looking for ways to make improve the site so enjoy your stay :sunglasses:


In this case I hope hugecat has also people/mods here he trusts enough that could sail the ship if he couldnt anymore. (never good to only put all in one basket)