Do scripters have favorite performers , scene types, positions that they like to or consider themselves especially skilled at scripting?

Hello Eroscripts peeps!

I am an overly enthusiastic consumer of so much of the content shared and posted to this forum , I consider you all magicians for effectively bringing videos to life in a way that people could never feel and experience before. I’m a software engineer by trade and appreciate the artistry that goes into a lot of tech applications and believably turning data , values, and inputs into simulated sex has to have its own artistic merits.

So with all that said I am super curious as you create scripts and develop a " style" , fill out your portfolios, and really grow in your craft as a scripter have some of you found types of videos you enjoy or find yourself particularly skilled at ?

Are there positions in videos that you know are your forté?

Is there a video type be it a PMV , a full live-action scene , Hentai in general where you feel like you have developed a few personal tips and signatures htat really make your skills shine .

Am I overthinking lal of this and this is just a hobby / gig for most of you and you don’t spend that much time thinking of scripting as a craft ?

I’m just a curious excitable perverted tech geek and I’d love to know the thoughts of the talented scripters who make this forum so valuable !

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the first answer yes i do have favorite performers (shalina devine to name but one) 2 reasons i find her really atractive (and that’s important if you have to look at her for 10-15 hours) but also i find the way she moves nice to script.

The position, simply any position where the guy is doing the fucking (we tend to be a little more straight forward with our movements, simple in and out no gyrations) and that is clearly in view.

do i have a style that typical for me i dont think so (as a paid scripter i have to abide to certain script rules) but maybe its that i script all the little touches (like when she softly touches his pants around the area where his cock would be) but not his own jerkoff movements.

is scripting a craft i think it is. There are a lot of little decisions to make (i have no idea if that is the case with pmv’s i havent done any) decisions that get easier when you get more experience.

is there a a video type that i like/am good at. as a paid scripter for SLR i do only VR scenes. Is there a type of scene that i like, yes there is a certain genre that i like to watch myself but there are very few of them in VR so i have only done one up till now. so i would not call myself an expert in them.



Yes, definitely. I think otherwise you will loose interest and won’t script anymore. You only want to script something you actually like. If you like the scene / video and if it’s your type, you will have a good time scripting it. You can script a video / scene, that you don’t like. It will still turn out good. But I don’t think you will put that much of an effort in it, as you do in a video / scene, that you like.

Speaking for myself, I prefer scripting amateur videos and recently starting getting into jav pmvs.

Also yes. As explained above, the more you like something, the more effort you will put into it. I usually like to choose videos, where you will find any kind of riding in it.

That is not easy to answer. Honestly, I am mostly using my own scripts and rarely use other people scripts. With that, I can’t really compare my scripts to other scripts. I don’t know how other people script pmvs, and I am very curious about it, but I only script them by hearing. There are some other programs out there, that take the beat and create a script for me. I don’t know if and how many people use these or if it’s normal to script pmvs after hearing. I also like to include some cool patterns in my pmvs, if the music allows it.

In my opinion, yes, you overthink it a bit ^^ When you think about it, you just press some numbers on your numpad. Yes, you can see the difference, between a script from someone who has just started scripted and someone who is more experienced. I just looked, how other people scripted certain things. Then I either copied it or did my own “version” on it with an intention to make it better.

Overall it’s just something you will learn fast and easily, if you want to learn it and if it’s something that interests you. Like with most stuff. For me it’s just a hobby. It’s fun and kills some time, when I have nothing else to do. When I am working on a script, I am often watching something on YouTube or a livestream.

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I primarily script for my own pleasure, I choose vids I want to experience. But another major factor is also how difficult the vid is to script. For example static camera is easier, and FFM blowjob is a pain since there is multiple movement.

Scripting the types of scripts I like (2D, realistic, slow movements) well is not hard at all but it takes a lot of time and energy to be really accurate. There are some parts that take some experimenting to do well, like wiggle, choking or teasing, but how those little extra things work are not really fundamental to a script IMO.

Am I overthinking lal of this and this is just a hobby / gig for most of you and you don’t spend that much time thinking of scripting as a craft ?

Yes. If you are interested you should try it out and start contributing as well. It’s very far from rocket science.

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