Do you guys have any scripting guidelines?

When doing a script I follow a few simple rules. I came up with these after doing some tests and research. Now I’m not trying to be the Mandalorian and tell you this is the way, this is just what I use. Based on a six inch sausage. 90 is the head in mouth, and 40 is the half way mark.

This is a 90

This is a 40

100 I reserve for out of the mouth, and 0 is still all the way down.

Movement. If the movement is less than 3, it doesn’t count as a stroke. I find that anything less than 3 doesn’t create enough movement to really feel anything. Strokes less than 3 I reserve for effect, like the subtle movements made when deep throating.

Those are few guidelines I use when scripting. Would love to hear your guys input and what rules you follow. :+1:


For getting a script to match the action as closely as possible, I think your guidelines are great! Admittedly I pretty much only script HMVs or other cartoon porn, so often times I will use all/ mostly full strokes as long as the animation is close enough to that since I don’t notice too much of a difference between 0-100 or a 0-80 stroke. Some may see that as lazy, but if I were getting paid to script, I would do what you described.

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This is a really important thing to discuss about since users in Eroscripts are from all around world. And they all have different sizes.

I also thought about this issue since I am an average Korean (located in Asia). And tbh, we don’t normally have massive D’s like the males in the western porn.

Is there a statistic for average male size of the entire world? Maybe that might help us find the standard point when it comes to scripting.


I have simple rules because I don’t think being accurate is the way to enjoy.

The Tip is always
as it is the most sensitive area. The area at the end of the tip is 100 not only when the hand, mouth, pussy or whatever is off.

Middle is

If it is complete in

if it is not complete in for example because she has a fat ass :joy:. I use around


I don’t think that is relevant. The reason is that different devices have different stroke lengths and the script is relative to the max stroke length of the device you are using. The older Launch had a max stroke length of 8-9 cm if I remember correctly. TheHandy added a couple of cm to that and ended up at just over 11 cm max stroke length. So 100 % in the script will be either 8-9 cm or 11+ cm depending on the device in this example.


Oh right, I wasn’t thinking that all of us are using all sorts of devices.

Thanks for the advice. I only knew about osr, Handy and A10 stuffs until now. It has been only like 3 months since I started using Handy.


imo minimum stroke length should be 20% with some few exceptions. IIRC the way the new handy firmware handles acceleration makes it so you can barely feel anything less than that.

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It’s really useful to have some reference points to script accurately (enough).

Usually the tip is 80% and middle 50% but it can vary between different vids. When the action is mostly in the top half of the dick it can be more. I prefer to feel the 0% at some point even though she can’t take the whole thing (in your example, I doubt she can).

Can also be good to extend the movement if it is really slow so the handy can’t handle it.

Wiggle is usually 10% up/down and velocity depends on speed of movement but usually around 5 frames between each point. For actual visible movement at least 20%.

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I’d always assume that 100% and 0% are whatever the user wants it to be, not what the device (which you can’t know about as a scripter) can do. The Handy can be set to custom min/max values on the website and on the device itself, then all the action is mapped to that, if the script says “got to position 100%” then that might actually be 80% of the device’s full range.

I’m sure it’s the same with most other toys/software because it’s kind of a no-brainer to implement such a feature.

As for accuracy: I’ve tried being accurate and often didn’t like the results as much as when I exaggerate a bit. So what looks like 40% gets a 60% in the script because otherwise the smaller, faster motions feel too robotic and abrupt for me. Like getting an HJ from a CNC router. YMMV, maybe I’m just not good enough to make it work.

Finding the right speed is more important than accurate positioning, IMO. I don’t think anyone can tell apart 40% vs 50% but the difference in speed (and how fast directions change) is very noticeable in my book.

I’m also playing around with easing, but I’m not sure if it really does anything for short durations. Screenshot for explanation:


Pretty sure that it enhances the experience in that example, but I’ve done much shorter speed changes at the end/start of the curve. Brain says it’s smoother/better/more natural, but is it really? The actual action sure isn’t monotone in speed, especially if it isn’t hyper fast.


IIRC the way the new handy firmware handles acceleration makes it so you can barely feel anything less than that.

Do you mean the release that came out a week ago or the not-quite-new-anymore major version? I don’t know the previous major version but the newest release has this in its changelog:

  • Improvements: Motor speed and responsiveness have been tuned.

Have you tried it? Is it better?

Oh, didnt see that. I havent tried the new firmware. Maybe they improved it. Still, exaggerated is better than not.

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Totally agree with you on all points :+1:
I once asked about adding points at the top and bottom of strokes to slow the speed and create more of a curve and not just a straight up and down motion. Been using that technique ever since, and I believe it makes a big difference.

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I think movements less than 3 can be still very good if used in short intervals like how shbek adds vibration movements in his scripts

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Consistency is more important than stroke lenght in my opinion. As long as you stay to your own code it won’t matter if you go 100 → 50 or 100 → 70 when she is working the tip.

Personally I would just avoid the spline line mode in OFS during scripting just for the more accurate representation of the stroke, especially if you add extra points during stroke.


I’ve been thinking about this a lot more since I left my first reply.

To put it more concisely, when I’m scripting I’m thinking “What would I want to be happening to me at this point in the script?” and not “How can I make the script match the action as closely as possible?”

This leads me to use full strokes the vast majority of the time simply because it’s what I prefer, and I also like to add extra strokes during climax scenes that are mostly still in the video, which a lot of other users have said they enjoy as well.